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More time for sales. With the Covid entry system for automated access control.

The idea behind
Using artificial intelligence to automate covid entry controls in smaller stores

The Corona crisis also poses major challenges for retailers and catering businesses. In addition to massive sales losses, the smaller stores in particular are struggling with the implementation and control of the strict regulations. Not only do regulations on hygiene and the minimum distance have to be followed, but additional access control measures have to be put in place to maintain the maximum number of people.

ORTHO-RUN, a specialist store for sports and orthopaedic shoes in the center of Münster, uses STEINEL's intelligent Covid entry system for this purpose. The basis of the solution is the HPD2 optical sensor. Optimally positioned on one of the wall shelves, the sensor monitors the sales area measuring just under 80 square metres. It counts how many people are in the store and compares this figure with the maximum number of customers allowed in. A display in front of the store door informs whether additional customers are allowed to enter or have to wait.

  • Customer: ORTHO-RUN (ortho-run.de)
  • Location: Münster, Germany
  • Covid access system in use since May 2020
  • one HPD2 as well as one display stand and access software
  • Service: Software, hardware and service



The Covid entry system regulates customer access.


The display is red when the maximum number of customers on the sales floor is reached.


As a self-regulating system, the real presence of people on the surface is constantly checked.


The system is suitable for areas up to about 100 sqm and counts the number of people on the sales floor.


ORTHO-RUN, the specialty store for sports and orthopedic shoes in Münster, uses the innovative Covid entry system from STEINEL for its 80 sqm sales area.


The Covid access system from STEINEL includes the HPD2 optical sensor, a display stand with customizable display and the corresponding access software.


"We are very happy to have this new system. Thanks to the Corona traffic light from STEINEL, we can now concentrate completely on advising our customers and selling."

Daniel Dahlmann and Marcel Rosenthal, Owner of ORTHO RUN in Münster.

The business owners of ORTHO RUN (ortho-run.de) opted for this innovative solution because, unlike simple entry sensors, it is a self-regulating system that always checks for genuine presence. STEINEL's Covid entry system is suitable both for retail areas without changing cubicles and for gastronomic areas up to 100 sqm. It includes the HPD2 optical sensor, a display stand with customizable display and the corresponding access software.

The purchase price for the complete package is 1.799 €  plus VAT.


Counting the number of people in the store and comparing it with the maximum number of customers allowed.


Monitoring of sales areas of up to 100 m² without changing rooms or gastronomic areas.


From 4.80 € per day, rent quickly and flexibly and use the first month free of charge (plus installation).

Would you like to have your business equipped with the Covid access system?

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