Series 2000

The entry into the professional class.


Series 3000

Maximum variety for every requirement.


Motion detectors from STEINEL for professional use.

Find the right sensor quickly now

Here you can quickly find the right sensor. The optimum sensor and lighting solutions from STEINEL for every room
In this brochure, we show why which sensor technology is best for each room situation - and how we use it optimally in our products. In this way, we help you to find the ideal sensor for each individual application in no time at all.
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2000 Series - our entry-level sensors for everyday use


Easy mounting and fast commissioning characterize the sensors of the 2000 series.


The IS 2360-3 ECO reliably and safely detects movements at up to 24 m.


Mounting types
Sensors of the 2000 series are available for wall. Corner, ceiling surface and recessed mounting.

STL-12857-22_Sensorpush-Der Einstieg_375x210px.jpg

2000 series

The entry into the professional class

Get a quick overview of all sensors of the 2000 series and use the filter function to quickly find the right sensor for you.


"We've certainly been relying on motion detectors from STEINEL for 15 years now. Because we're simply impressed by the really good quality and the consistently high reliability of the products. And the price - it's right too."

Carsten Busche, Busche Elektroanlagen eK, Cologne

3000 series - the most comprehensive sensor series


Erhältlich in 3 Technologien, 5 Schnittstellen und 5 Bauformen - für maximale Vielfalt.


Mounting height
The highbay versions of the IS 3360 and IS 345 can be mounted at heights of up to 14 m.


Large area
With one sensor you are able to detect any movement safely on up to 1000sqm area.


3000 series

Maximum variety for every requirement.

The 3000 series is the most comprehensive sensor series on the market. From simple light switching to integration in building automation systems such as DALI and KNX, you will find the right sensor here.

These are your advantages


Typical STEINEL: 5-year warranty!

We develop and produce everything ourselves. Exclusively in Europe. The result: impeccable quality, a long service life and 5-year manufacturer's warranty.


Simple installation - fast commissioning

The sophisticated design of our motion detectors ensures easily accessible connection points and enables quick and easy installation - with the 3000 series conveniently via Smart Remote and cell phone.


Sensor knowledge from the pros - STEINEL makes you a sensor expert.

We are here for you.


Your contact person around sensor technology

Do you have questions about our products or are you facing a complex task and looking for a smart solution? Here you will find the right contact person for your request!

Plastic free packaging

We have set ourselves the goal of delivering all our products in plastic-free packaging by the end of 2022. Thus, all accessories are now in bags made of 100% recycled paper, instead of the conventional plastic bags. We are replacing the styrofoam previously used to secure the goods with precisely fitting molded fiber parts with the same degree of protection. The extensive instruction manuals are exchanged for small, clear Quickstarts, which require only 12.5% of the amount of paper previously used.