True Presence® Multisensor Aerosol KNX

We know when the air is clear


Now with infection protection function

True Presence® Multisensor Aerosol KNX

STEINEL multi-sensors calculate the potential risk of infections in rooms.


True Presence® Multisensor Aerosol KNX

We know when the air is clear

STEINEL multi-sensors calculate the potential risk of infections in rooms

For measurably healthy indoor air!
NEW with "infection risk" - the communication object output in KNX

The STEINEL multi-sensors permanently analyse the air quality in rooms. This is good for a healthy climate in a building and important for concentration and learning ability. Currently, the potential risk of infection is high on everyone's agenda. For the first time, this value can be issued as a communication object for KNX. To enable this, the levels of CO2, air temperature and humidity are measured. Moreover, the True Presence® technology can determine the last time the room was used. The level of risk issued is based on research by the Hermann-Rietschel Institute at the Technical University of Berlin.


The room has been at the ideal room temperature for approx. 15 minutes.


The humidity should always be between 45% and 50%.


CO2 level
Due to the COVID-19 situation, the CO2 value should never rise above 800 ppm.

True Presence Multisensor Aerosol KNX
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Sensor technology quality

Exact instead of estimated


Real CO2 measurement

The STEINEL multi-sensors measure the exact concentration of CO2 in the room air using an installed CO2 sensor, rather than deriving it from a VOC value.


A glance inside

All of the necessary high-precision measurement sensors are arranged in the integrated electronics unit alongside the central computing and communication elements.



With the HPD 2 Human Presence Detector, you can also include the number of persons in the room when determining the potential risk of infection. At the same time, this information can be used for further building control tasks (room utilisation, HVAC control, etc.).

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By providing this information, our sensors contribute to improving learning and working conditions.


Most school classes sit in rooms with high CO2 levels and sub-optimum humidity. The consequence: tiredness, headaches, lack of concentration and a higher risk of infection.


The Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) discovered that improved air quality reduces the risk of illness-related absences by more than half. Moreover, productivity increases of up to 15% with good-quality air. (Source: Technical University of Denmark)


The True Presence® Multisensor Air measures the room temperature, humidity, CO2 level, volatile organic compounds (VOC) and air pressure. In combination with a state-of-the-art building management system, it makes all values available to ensure that an optimum room climate can be maintained.


The Flow Building was designed to the highest standards. Existing IoT systems and applications were combined into an integrated platform. The result is a truly intelligent building. Our True Presence® multi-sensors are used here to ensure optimum room air quality and for the meeting-room management system.


Already in successful use in combination with the AI-based Heallo Smart® app, the analysis and visualization is based on the sensor data. At the same time, recommendations for action are also issued. Available for iOS, Android, and desktop.

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Test sample: Discover the new possibilities of the "Infection risk" communication object
We are providing KNX system integrators with AIR Aerosol KNX multi-sensors. Be one of the first to be able to embed the new possibilities into the KNX system.
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