Outdoor lights with and without motion detector

Automatic lighting control for outdoor luminaires

Automatic lighting is in vogue, as it offers users numerous benefits: Luminaires that switch on and off automatically as required by a motion sensor increase convenience, enhance safety and can help save energy. Especially in outdoor areas, this form of automatic lighting control is proven and popular. But automatic switching of outdoor lights with a motion detector is not desired or practical everywhere. That's why STEINEL offers outdoor lights in its range both with and without sensor technology. So customers who opt for an outdoor light with motion detector from the inventor of the sensor light have the option of combining it with manual lights in a uniform look.

Sensor lights are now an indispensable part of outdoor lighting. With the aid of cutting-edge sensor technology, this STEINEL invention provides light around the house and garden precisely when it's needed. Outdoor lights with motion detectors provide light on paths, at house entrances or even in the garden and switch on when the integrated sensor detects movement within the detection radius. Thanks to flexibly adjustable follow-up time, the light only switches off again when it is no longer needed. This ensures safer and more reliable lighting. To avoid unnecessary energy consumption, most sensor outdoor lights from STEINEL also feature a twilight setting: this allows infinitely variable adjustment of the desired brightness threshold above which the light is automatically switched on by the motion detector. This avoids unnecessary switching on during the day.

How do the motion detectors in the outdoor lights work?

Manual outdoor lights

Automatic light control for outdoor lights with motion detectors is implemented using modern motion sensors. STEINEL uses passive infrared technology (PIR) exclusively for outdoor applications. This makes use of the fact that people continuously emit infrared radiation via their body heat. The PIR sensors register this heat radiation when people enter the detection zone and switch the light on automatically. A timer integrated into the luminaire then switches the lighting off again after the set follow-up time.

Even though automatic lighting is practical and convenient in numerous situations and can even increase safety in many cases, lighting control via motion sensors is not necessary or desired in all outdoor areas. For example, for patio or balcony lighting, it usually makes more sense to use push-button switchable luminaires that provide continuous lighting for the period of use. For this reason, STEINEL offers numerous outdoor lights in two versions: with and without motion detectors. This gives customers the choice of having the lights switch automatically in some areas while being operated by switch in others. All this in a harmonious and uniform look ranging from classic to modern. The manual luminaires are available in a variety of designs and for different light sources, from LED systems to lamps with E27 sockets.

Outdoor lights - FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What are outdoor lights with motion detector?
Outdoor luminaires with motion detectors are luminaires specially designed for outdoor use and equipped with a built-in motion detector. The motion detector detects movement in its detection area and automatically switches the luminaire on when motion is detected.
Can you install outdoor lights with motion detectors yourself?

Yes, many outdoor lights with motion detectors can be installed yourself. However, it is important to carefully read the instructions provided and follow the safety precautions. If one feels unsure or has no experience with electrical installations, it is advisable to call in a professional to perform the installation.

What are the advantages of outdoor luminaires with motion detectors?

Outdoor lights with motion detectors offer several advantages. They increase security, as they can deter potential burglars. In addition, they also provide convenience, since you do not have to manually switch the light. They also help save energy, as they only turn on when motion is actually detected.

How do outdoor lights with motion detector?

Outdoor luminaires with motion detectors contain a sensor that detects movement. When motion is detected within the sensor's detection range, it sends a signal to the luminaire to turn it on. The luminaire remains on for a set period of time before automatically turning off again.

Are there different types of outdoor lights with motion sensors?

Yes, there are several types of outdoor lights with motion sensors. Among the most common are wall lights, spotlights, path lights and floodlights. Each type has its own characteristics and areas of application, so you can choose the right light for the purpose.

Are there also outdoor lights without motion detectors?

Yes, there are also outdoor lights without motion detectors. These lights are switched on and off manually and are well suited for areas where automatic activation is not required.

What factors should be considered when choosing outdoor lights with motion detectors?

When choosing outdoor luminaires with motion detectors should take into account several factors. These include the range of the motion detector, sensitivity settings, luminosity of the lamp, energy efficiency, installation and quality of the luminaire. It is important to choose a luminaire that meets specific requirements and needs.

Do outdoor lights with motion detectors require a power supply?

Yes, outdoor lights with motion detectors require a power supply. Most models are connected via the normal power supply network. However, there are also battery-powered lights that do not require wiring. These are especially convenient when there is no power outlet nearby.

Is it possible to turn the motion detector on and off for outdoor lights?

Yes, many outdoor lights with motion detectors have a switch that can be used to turn the motion detector on and off. This allows you to put the luminaire into pure continuous operation if necessary, where it stays on regardless of movement.

Are outdoor lights with motion detectors weatherproof?

Yes, most outdoor lights with motion detectors are weatherproof and designed for outdoor use. They are usually protected against moisture, dust and other weather conditions. However, it is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions and ensure that the luminaire is suitable for the specific weather conditions in which it will be installed.