We at STEINEL have inventing in our blood - we are "the inventors' company". Since 1959, we have registered more than 300 patents, utility models and registered designs for our inventions. This has resulted in over 3,000 products that are among the best of their kind. Some have even revolutionised entire industries.


Development and production in our own innovation and production centres in Germany, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Romania and Moldova. Distributed in over 80 countries around the globe.

The STEINEL business units


Sensors prepare buildings for the future.

Modern buildings are already being equipped with sensor systems to maximise efficiency, comfort, safety and sustainability. The data obtained in this way is then used for continuous improvements in the areas of building design and function.


Light with built-in climate protection.

Efficient, intelligent, automated and networked - this is how light can reduce the ecological footprint of buildings, conserve resources and promote sustainability. The configuration of individual luminaires through to entire luminaire networks is quick and easy using an app.


SENSOTEC PlugIn Sensors.

Intelligence update for luminaires. SENSOTEC provides luminaire manufacturers with a flexible and easy-to-install solution for equipping luminaires with sensor intelligence - without having to compromise on design.



STEINEL Solutions - your one-stop-shop partner. Together with our customers, we develop innovative products, advise and support you from the idea to the market launch, industrialise and manufacture.



Top-class thermal tools made by STEINEL. We develop and produce innovative hot air and hot glue tools for professionals and DIY enthusiasts that set new standards in all industries. Made for doers.

From the idea to the finished product.


The inventors' company.

We are open to fresh perspectives, think without restrictions and develop things that not only point the way but are also in the interest of man and the environment.

The Inventors’ Company


Outstanding inventions

The world's first sensor light in 1987 marked the beginning of a series of pioneering inventions that revolutionised light and building sensor technology.


300+ patents

The engineers have been the driving force right from the start. Their passion for rethinking things leads to innovations and developments that characterise STEINEL as a technology leader.


6 Sensor Technologies

STEINEL is the only company to master passive infrared, ultrasonic, radio frequency, optics, true presence sensor technology and passive infrared matrix sensor technology.This results in unrivalled products and solutions for modern buildings.


Connected world

With increasing digitalisation and connectivity, STEINEL products combine to form intelligent, holistic system solutions that speak all the languages of modern building control.


Sustainable Technology

Thanks to intelligent sensor technology, STEINEL products have an in-built sense for needs-orientated function.Wellbeing, energy efficiency and CO2 reduction are therefore the basis of the company's own research and development.


Shaping the future

The inventors company - with this orientation, STEINEL is paving the way for the future. To make the world a better place, we need courageous and committed inventors to whom STEINEL offers a home and prospects.


Our Vision

We want to become a company with a net-positive impact on people and the planet.

Environment, social responsibility and governance are firmly anchored in our sustainability strategy. We therefore focus on environmental and social aspects as well as transparent and sustainable corporate governance.


Our Mission

STEINEL solutions in every building in the world. Simply because it makes sense.

There is still a lot to do, because we have big plans. Our goals are ambitious. Our products are getting better and better. Whether skyscrapers or private homes. STEINEL lighting and sensor solutions protect the climate and make people's lives better.