Intelligent technology at work.

Work at the inventors' company!


STEINEL as an employer

We are always open to good ideas. And to good members of staff.

Doing business today involves taking responsibility and making every effort to ensure sustainability. Both towards society and towards staff. Economically, ecologically and in terms of social welfare. We at STEINEL take these demands very seriously.

To do this, we need people in our company who take pleasure in doing worthwhile work and strive to develop, produce and sell perfect products.

We foster and plan promotion and career to suit the individual. And in doing so, of course, we set store by our own resources. We welcome staff who want to be part of this culture. People who think in just the way we do.


"This is the perfect springboard into working life. Like it!"

We live in a "multi-optional" age. In other words, we are used to having every opportunity all the time. Everything is becoming more flexible, shopping can be done anywhere at any time of the day and knowledge is available via smartphone. We at STEINEL love innovations. But we haven't lost the sense of reality. Practice-related and integrated training provide an excellent platform for a future career. This means that with us you not only acquire the specialist abilities but also organisational, methodological and, not least, social skills. And all this takes place in passing, so to speak, because from the very start you will be looking after entire work processes and projects on your own or as a part of a team. A challenging exercise that will demand a lot from the outset. Experienced instructors will be at your side and provide you with the abilities you need. Hand in hand, we will create the basis for shaping your working life to make it modern and focused on reality. With everything that modern life holds ready.

If you are passionate about intelligent technology and want to make a career in an open-minded, dynamic company, don't simply write us a short text message but let us have an honest job application.


"Starting work after graduating with perfect career opportunities"
Well, now it's up to you. Finished studying, a great career ahead of you. And yet lost for choice. What shall I decide to do? A company group? A medium-sized enterprise? Internship to begin with? Trainee? Start directly on the career ladder?

We say: follow your instinct. Take your time. Take a good look at companies. Speak to people. There are so many things to consider. From the work environment to figures, from further training to promotion, from climate to internationality, and so the list goes on. In the end, it's got to be right. We have a lot of big plans and are always pleased to find like-minded people. Students who want to move things and are passionate about building their career.

Whether economist, natural scientist or humanist – we can provide you with the opportunities you are looking for. Start out in an innovative environment where good performance is rewarded. Your new colleagues can't wait to meet you.


"Making the impossible possible, that is in our genes."
From the foreword to the lecture script "Materials in Electrical Engineering" by Professor A. G. Fischer, University of Dortmund, 1977 "The engineering profession is the most noble profession there is. The engineer (from ingenium = inventive spirit), as the epitome of homo faber, builds civilisation on this planet and improves the conditions people live in.

Unlike jurisprudence or theology, for example, the natural sciences are "accumulative", i.e. every advancement you develop goes into mankind's collective knowledge where it cannot be lost and stimulates further progress. So the active engineer never needs to ponder over the meaning of his life, he is the most useful member of society even if society often won't admit it."

In principle, we have nothing more to add. Here's to Professor A. G. Fischer who, like us, realised that engineers are inventors and inventors engineers.


"Managing a team also means listening. Sounds good!"

With us, management has a special significance. We are not looking for the tough ones, the know-it-alls or the ones who think they can do everything better. We are looking for the right ones. People who have real specialist skills, social intelligence and take enjoyment from working with colleagues. People who can put together, build and lead teams. People who have a burning passion for something but do not burn themselves.

People who can be relied upon and who have confidence in themselves. 

Our executive floor is not a luxury apartment. We all pull together. We have one goal: to place our products in every home in the world. We have what it takes to do it. And also perhaps with you, the right leadership personality. We can sort out the right terms and conditions. The right attitude we can't.

Take the chance. Convince us.

We are looking forward to meeting you. We really are.