Our mission: STEINEL in every building in the world. Simply because it makes sense.

Mission Statement:

STEINEL develops and produces state-of-the-art solutions for intelligent lighting management and smart buildings. We offer real CO2 reduction, relevant energy efficiency and sustainable well-being. Our inventions bring benefits and joy to every building. From skyscrapers to private homes. Inside and out. Retailers, planners, architects, installers, investors and homeowners rely on our products. The market is huge and global. The opportunities for STEINEL have never been better. Let's make people's lives a little better. STEINEL - in every building. Let's tackle it.

"Anyone who walks through the world with open eyes will quickly realise the potential of intelligent light and sensor technology."

Martin Frechen, Managing Director STEINEL GmbH
The global construction and renovation sector is dynamic and characterised by positive trends such as sustainability, technology and urbanisation. Sustainability is becoming increasingly important, leading to a growing demand for green building projects and environmentally friendly technologies. Innovations such as BIM and IoT are improving the efficiency and sustainability of construction projects. Global urbanisation is leading to a growing demand for residential and infrastructure projects in urban areas. Renovation and refurbishment of existing buildings are also important sectors for making buildings more energy efficient and increasing their value. This is exactly where our global sales organisation comes in. And it works.

This is what we stand for


Workspace Management. Transparency, convenience and efficiency through data-based space management.

Energy efficiency. Light only when it is needed.