CO2 reduction as a business model. STEINEL solutions for the climate.

Climate protection and the climate transition are at the centre of efforts to reduce CO2 emissions. Solutions that combine progress and sustainability must be found worldwide. The principle of reducing consumption is deeply rooted in STEINEL's DNA.

With the invention of the first sensor light, it became clear that light should only be switched on when it is needed. This idea has given rise to hundreds of products and solutions that use sensor technology and intelligent control to save energy and thus reduce CO2 emissions. For example, just one of our RS PRO 5100 SC linear luminaires can offset the CO2 emissions of 12 trees per year.

Today, we are achieving potential CO2 savings of up to 95 per cent.

Reference: Eurogress multi-storey car park, Aachen


The intelligent Connected Lighting control system saves 158 tonnes of CO2 per year.


1,264 The annual CO2 savings correspond to the compensation of 1,264 trees. Year after year.


Permanent lighting is a thing of the past - light only switches on when it is needed.

CO2 reduction that quickly pays off. By converting to 350 RS PRO 5100 SC linear luminaires, the Eurogress car park will save over €30,000 a year in energy costs. Another positive effect of the conversion is the improved lighting quality with dimmed ambient light. This means greater safety and comfort for users in the vehicle and pedestrian areas.

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Climate-friendly parking made easy.

Parking garages and underground parking lots are usually open around the clock. Good lighting in all areas is important for users' personal sense of security and for the safe maneuvering of vehicles. However, if the lights are permanently switched on, valuable energy is wasted. This has been remedied in the Heuried underground car park with the sensor-controlled lighting solution in combination with intelligent networking and light switching from STEINEL. By investing in this modern, energy-efficient lighting solution, users enjoy greater comfort and safety, making their stay in the underground car park more pleasant.


Climate protection starts in the stairwell.

Stairwell lighting with greater convenience for tenants and high energy savings. In the Steinacker residential complex in Zurich, the light in the stairwell was still switched on and off using push-buttons - which meant that the light was often on even though it was not needed. In addition, the old lights heated up the stairwell due to the long burning time. Now, 80% of the maximum light output of the newly installed R-series luminaires is sufficient to illuminate the floors as soon as people are present. In addition, the ambient light creates a great atmosphere and greater safety as dusk falls.


Lively operation.
Day in, day out.

Busy operations, day in, day out - that's everyday life at Munich's Franz Josef Strauss Airport. Visibility and safety are particularly important in the cargo area, where there are many obstacles and potential hazards. In terms of energy costs and environmental impact, permanent lighting is not expedient, which is why Flughafen München GmbH decided in favour of the intelligent and sensor-supported solution from STEINEL. According to its own calculations, the airport saves 230 tonnes of CO2 per year with STEINEL solutions, which corresponds to the CO2 absorption of approx. 18,400 trees.


The challenge of climate neutrality.

Less is more.

Find out how we make our contribution with our products in the car park, residential and hotel sectors. STEINEL products - for greater energy efficiency and lower CO2 emissions.

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