Intelligent light management. Building and renovating in a whole new light.

Sensor-controlled LED lighting that only switches on when it is needed thanks to local light and presence sensors and Bluetooth networking - Connected Lighting. Find out what the intelligent light management of the future will look like and where it is already being used in practice today. Green light for tomorrow - our contribution to a sustainable future with a significant reduction in CO2 emissions and lower energy consumption.

The light of the future



Instead of laying complex cables, several luminaires are connected to each other and combined into lighting groups thanks to Bluetooth Mesh. As a driving force in the Bluetooth® SIG Mesh initiative, we are creating new possibilities in cross-manufacturer wireless technology.


Lighting Intelligence

Easy networking combined with intelligent control offers the opportunity for even greater energy savings and efficiency. High sensor density and networking create intelligent lighting control with maximum savings potential.


Setting via app

The use of STEINEL's own Connect app ensures a perfect connection between hardware and software. In the app, many lights can be set and put into operation in a very short time using group parameterisation.



Cloud solutions can be used to remotely maintain the luminaires and analyse and monitor the efficiency of the entire network. An important part of the future will be the integration of digital services for application-related apps.

Reference: Rütihof residential complex, Zurich


Energy savings through the use of connected lighting.


Lighting functions (basic, main, back and emergency light provide pleasant lighting.


Lights from the R series and 5100 linear luminaires with cross-product networking.

Connected lighting at its best: the warm white light of the R series creates a pleasant atmosphere in the Rütihof housing cooperative in Zurich-Höngg. Thanks to swarm intelligence, the light accompanies the residents through the stairwell and is also the driver for massive energy savings.

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"We were sure that we would save a lot of energy by installing the latest generation of lights. We were impressed by the fact that the networking and intelligent control of the luminaires has increased the energy savings many times over."

Stefan Gasser, Managing Director of eLight GmbH

The digital sensor luminaire system

Connected Lighting

All about intelligent luminaires, sensors and components with built-in Bluetooth mesh for maximum CO2 and energy savings. Find out about simple planning, installation, adjustment and networking, including practical examples.

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