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The Idea
Sensor solutions for industry and commerce that adapt to different spaces and prevent accidents.

Whether a high-bay warehouse with high ceiling height, production areas with room dividers and pillars, an oddly shaped stairwell or outdoor spaces in industrial facilities: different room situations in commercial properties require a sensor-based lighting solution that meets the specific requirements, delivers precision results and uses as little energy as possible. Intelligent, high-performance sensors from STEINEL are tailored to the requirements in industry and commerce. They reliably detect movements even from a great height or behind objects. Instead of permanent lighting, areas are illuminated in line with use to save costly energy. Warehouses and production buildings, in particular, cover very large areas and have high ceilings. Most of them without daylight, which means they need good lighting so as to permit all work operations without a problem and keep all processes running smoothly. On top of this, staff must be able to move around safely and vehicles manoeuvred without accidents.

The project

  • Industry uses around 10,000 gigawatt hours a year on lighting. This equates to the annual power consumption of the German rail system.
  • According to DENA, the German energy agency, it would be possible to save as much as 70% of the energy industry uses for lighting.
  • Professional planning, high-quality components, a reliable lighting-management system and modern, long-life LED lights increase operational safety.

Our 4 sensor technologies. Specialists for every industrial application.


Infrared – High. Higher. Highbay. From ceiling heights of up to 14 m, a single infrared Highbay motion detector with 360-degree vision watches over up to 1,000 m² of production floor or over an aisle of up to 30 m in length between high-bay shelves.


Ultrasonic – unobstructed detection into every last corner. With their space-filling detection capability, our ultrasonic sensors are not bothered by pillars, room dividers or oddly shaped corners. From a height of up to 3.50 m, they reliably identify every movement for sensor-controlled lighting.


High frequency – penetrating precision. High-frequency waves also detect movement through specific materials. This makes it possible, for example, to install them behind a suspended ceiling. Or in WC facilities, because they also detect movements behind cubicle walls.

Project details


IS 345 MX Highbay with cover cap

The IS 345 MX Highbay reliably detects movements from a height of 14 meters. Cover caps limit the detection range and ensure that only relevant movements are registered. Thus, light is only switched on when it is really needed.


IS 345 MX Highbay

For indoors, ideal for great heights in depots, high-bay warehouses, machine shops, check-in areas and departure lounges, mounting height 14 m, detection zone 30 x 4 m (radial), large terminal compartment for easy installation.


Someone needs a clear overview. The IS 345 MX Highbay has one. Always.

The test premises: a 1,551 m² warehouse building with 7 aisles, each 40 m long. The mission: to bring the warehouse up to the cutting edge of technology as well as match sensors and lighting management to the requirements of the narrow aisles and high ceilings with optimum results. The result: significantly lower climate-relevant energy consumption and emissions.


Technical modernisation of a warehouse building with an area of 1,551 m².


7 aisles in the high-bay warehouse, each with two IS 345 MX Highbay sensors.


It was possible to cut operating costs by a total of 73%.

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