Three outdoor motion detectors for every application. The IS 180 digi HD is the first digitally adjustable and networkable infrared detector. It allows 9 detection zones to be selected individually and easily via app. In addition, the sensor is extremely flat and thus inconspicuous on any wall. The sensIQ S is designed for a maximum range of 20 m. With the iHF 3D, we are the first manufacturer in the world to use high-frequency sensor technology outdoors. This completely prevents faulty switching due to small animals or weather influences.

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Here you can quickly find the right sensor. The optimum sensor and lighting solutions from STEINEL for every room
In this brochure we show why which sensor technology is the best for the respective room situation - and how we use it optimally in our products. In this way, we help you to find the ideal sensor for each individual application in no time at all.
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Plastic-free packaging

We have set ourselves the goal of delivering all our products in plastic-free packaging by 2023. All accessories are now in bags made of 100% recycled paper instead of the conventional plastic bags. We are replacing the styrofoam previously used to secure the goods with precisely fitting moulded fibre parts with the same degree of protection. The extensive instruction manuals are exchanged for small, clear Quickstarts, which require only 12.5% of the amount of paper used so far.