Connected Lighting. The future of light is maximally energy-saving and convenient at the same time.

The use of artificial light sources brings people prosperity and freedom. Too often, however, the light is switched on without there being any need for it. This "light pollution" harms the ecosystem and also consumes a lot of energy. That is why we have rethought light.

With Connected Lighting, we are setting a new benchmark in lighting control with huge potential savings in CO2, energy and costs. The combination of sensor technology, efficient LED light, networking and intelligent control ensures needs-based switching and creates more comfort and safety for users.


The Bluetooth Mesh standard provides the basis for secure and simple networking - without any additional cables.


The luminaires we develop and build set benchmarks in terms of energy efficiency, luminous efficacy and durability.

3 Sensoren

We are innovation leaders in the field of sensor technology and have the right sensor technology for every application.

The Connetced Lighting System


Light that reacts to people

Demand-led switching is always linked to the presence of people. As a technology leader in the field of sensor technology, we have been researching and developing sensor solutions that are used in our luminaires for over 30 years.


Highly efficient and durable

Thanks to the latest LED technology, our Connected Lighting luminaires set standards in terms of energy efficiency, luminous efficacy and durability. With adjustable ambient light, we ensure greater safety and significantly extend the service life of the components even further.



By using the latest Bluetooth Mesh technology, wireless networking is possible across all product ranges. As a driving force in the Bluetooth® SIG Mesh initiative, we are therefore focussing on a future-proof solution that offers many more possibilities.


STEINEL Connect App

The STEINEL Connect app is the centrepiece of Connected Lighting. It is used to intuitively commission, set and network the lights, parameterise entire lighting groups and complete projects.

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Connected Lighting:
how an underground garage in cologne is already saving
94% energy - with 100% comfort.

No more permanent lighting. Without the use of a control system, the light remained switched on day and night in the Würselener Straße multi-storey car park in Cologne. Since the renovation, our Connected Lighting luminaires have ensured that light is always switched on exactly where users are and where light is needed.

Reduction in total operating costs for the car park with a return on investment of less than 2 years.


CO2 emissions saved per year. This corresponds to the compensation of over 1,200 trees.


An increase in light levels of over 30% creates greater safety, comfort and well-being for users.

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STEINEL Connect App

Lighting management is that simple today.

The intuitive app offers everything in one place. Setting, networking and maintenance. With the new sequencer function, Connected Lighting becomes a light management system - different scenarios can now be set depending on the day and time.

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Precise instead of approximate.

Our PROLogs measuring device is used to measure consumption and utilisation. Based on these values, the energy saving potential can be precisely determined and appropriate lighting planning can take place.

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The challenge of climate neutrality

Less is more.

Find out how we are making our contribution with our products in the car park, residential construction and hotel sectors. STEINEL products - for greater energy efficiency and lower CO2 emissions.