Design meets technology

Sanitary application with STEINEL high-frequency technology

Design meets technology – TECElux Mini an electronic glass flush plate for the TECE cistern with a modified STEINEL high-frequency sensor integrated. 

In cooperation with TECE GmbH, STEINEL Solutions developed a proximity and trigger sensor and was able to demonstrate its qualities as a one-stop shop. This new type of multi-range detection system detects when a person approaches the toilet and activates the lighting of the keypads, which also serves as an orientation aid at night. Flushing is triggered without contact or by lightly tapping the keypad. In addition to detection area, the remote control can be used to individually program activation time, lighting brightness and additional functions. 


✓ Person recognition at 5 meters
✓ Multi-range detection of a high-frequency sensor using digital signal processing
✓ Manual trigger recognition in the range of approx. 5cm
✓ Trigger recognition by hand when actuated
✓ Illumination of the two flush volumes by LEDs integrated on the PCB
✓ Motor control of the release mechanism
✓ Hygiene because no germs are present


«Thanks to many years of cooperation with STEINEL Solutions, we were able to implement this new product quickly and easily. We are very satisfied with the solution which we developed together.»

Uwe Koziol TECE GmbH, Product Development
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