The most frequently asked questions and answers about our NET sensors.


Do the NET sensors also communicate with each other? Is a signal transmitted from one sensor to another?

On the mesh network, the sensors send their data on, the logic is distributed in the individual products (in each luminaire or sensor). However, during configuration, groups can be formed and subsequently the group behavior can be defined.

Can the HF2 NET sensor also be used for outdoor applications?

SENSOTEC NET products are intended for indoor use only. However, there are STEINEL products that can be used outdoors (e.g. IHF 3D).

Is there a possibility of daylight control?

The daylight control or constant light control is integrated in the sensor. Furthermore, all products (except EXT NET) are equipped with an ambient light sensor.

Is there a possibility of counting the number of people in the area?

People counting is not possible with SENSOTEC NET products. This can be covered with a camera system from STEINEL (e.g. HPD3). Or people can be counted via PIR RF technology, i.e. without a camera system. We would be happy to provide further information on this if you are interested.

Is an interface provided for a higher-level BMS?

Currently, we are not ready yet. However, we are working on being able to present a gateway solution. At the moment we have built an in-house demo version to test exactly this. You can find the link to the use case here: https://www.steinel.de/en/oem-solutions/iot-use-case/

Will there be a gateway that makes the data from the mesh available via a common bus standard (e.g. BACnet)?

No, this is not planned for now.

Will there be a gateway from KNX to DALI?

Since we have deliberately chosen a wireless system, the system does not offer this. Thus, there is no possibility to get to the devices via wire connection. Access to configuration and commissioning is solved via the Bluetooth connection. There is the gateway option, which brings the whole mesh network to the cloud via the gateway.

Do the SENSOTEC sensors offer a Tunable White control (DT8)?

Yes, Tunable White is supported since the last update. During commissioning, it is detected whether DT8 LED drivers are connected to the DALI bus. If yes, the Tunable White functions are automatically displayed on the app.

Will STEINEL also supply the gateway in future or just the sensor technology?

STEINEL will not be supplying this directly. However, one example would be the "Rigado" gateway from Silvair.

Why do the SENSOTEC sensors have different protection classes?

Our highbay sensors have protection class IP65. A sealing ring is integrated in the plastic ring. When the sensor is installed in the luminaire, it seals in such a way that we can guarantee IP65. For smaller sensors, such as the HF2 Net, it is usually the case that these are integrated into the luminaire and thus the protection class of the luminaire is adopted. The sensor with the lowest protection class is the sensor PIR NET with IP20, because the lens is not sealed with the housing. All housings are sealed by ultrasonic welding.

For which temperatures is the Zhaga solution approved?

In the range of -20 to +50 degrees Celsius, we have a tested sensor detection. However, if the requirement is below or above the -20 or +50 degrees mentioned, we will be happy to run further tests in this environment and develop a customized solution.

Are the sensors designed according to Zhaga Book 20?

We do not currently comply with Zhaga Book 20. This would certainly be possible with a customer-specific mechanical solution. Currently, the Zhaga socket we use is designed according to Zhaga Book 18.

Can DALI bus voltage supplies also be obtained from your company?

No, we do not offer external DALI bus voltage supplies. However, we will be happy to advise you in your search for a suitable supply.

Is the app absolutely necessary or can the sensor also be configured via the DALI gateway in KNX?

The app is mandatory.

Can the own Light Management System (LMS) be operated with own software?

We are able to adapt the SENSOTEC NET family to customer-specific applications. We have already done this several times. We are always available for a development request.

Where are the Bluetooth antennas located on the sensors?

The data sheet on page 11 shows a picture in which the positions of the Bluetooth antennas are marked with orange markings.

How can the sensors be reset to factory settings?

The device can be reset to factory settings by switching the mains voltage on and off 5 times: The device should remain switched off for at least 5s and switched on for a maximum of 10s. After a successful reset, the feedback LED flashes quickly.

How can I tell whether a sensor has already been commissioned or not?

The feedback LED indicates the following:

- Fast flashing: Device is not picked.

- Slow flashing: Connected to a network.