Intelligent lighting solution for underground car parks & multi-storey car parks

SENSOTEC sensors from the latest NET generation – installed in linear luminaires mean an intelligent, modern lighting solution for underground garages and multi-storey car parks. For both - operators and guests - there are advantages such as energy efficiency, high lighting quality, simple planning, and preparation as well as commissioning via web and mobile app and consequently great savings in operating costs.  

Until now, the lighting of underground car parks and multi-storey car parks has been one thing above all for the operators: cost intensive. Especially because it must be provided 24/7. Innovative and intelligent lighting systems are energy-efficient because the lighting is only switched on when it is actually needed. 

If the system detects pedestrians or cars, the respective lighting zone is illuminated. If no more movement is detected, the lighting switches to a dimmed comfort light or switches off completely, depending on the programming. This means there is always enough light where it is needed, which reduces ex-penditure and increases lighting quality as well as lighting comfort in the underground car park or multi-storey car park. 

With its smart SENSOTEC sensors, which are optimised for light installation and mounting, STEINEL Solutions offers the possibility of quickly and easily designing and commissioning an intelligent lighting system that meets actual needs. In Australia, such a lighting system was installed in a pilot project.

Technologies used


High Frequency

STEINEL high-frequency sensor technology detects movement without delay and without restrictions on "sensitivity" due to ambient temperature and direction of movement of the object to be detected. Depending on the detected movement and the measured brightness value, the lighting is switched on. Areas without presence are illuminated with a basic light of 10-50 percent.


Wireless Connection via Bluetooth Mesh SIG

The intelligent radio-based control of the luminaires creates the framework for fully exploiting the potential of LED lighting. The lights exchange information on motion detection and brightness measurement with each other, thus ensuring efficient lighting in line with requirements. STEINEL Solutions is a Bluetooth Mesh SIG Adopter Member.


Silvair Web- and Mobile-App

Quick installation and commissioning: The wireless networking of the luminaires reduces the installation effort and makes planning easier and more flexible. The appropriate settings (e.g. dimming level) and group networking can be prepared in the Silvair web app and later in the mobile app.

Products used


Sensor HF2 NET

The HF2 NET is a high frequency sensor module designed for built-in applications. Capable of detecting movement through glass and non-metallic materials, these modules can be installed without a problem inside luminaires or other applications.


Extension NET

Intended to use in luminaires without sensor, the Extension NET is used for extending the Bluetooth mesh network.


«Thanks to the intelligence of the SENSOTEC NET sensors, the lighting is only active when it is actually needed. This has a direct influence on the costs and thus generates added value for the car park operator.»

Manuel Siegrist, Product Manager SENSOTEC at STEINEL Solutions AG
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