Our highbay sensors for corridors and halls

Sensors from the latest NET generation – our innovative sensors have been specially developed for the hall area and can be used up to a mounting height of 14m. Molto Luce uses our products for the new lighting system in their logistics hall.


Energy saving


(up to) CO2 saving per year

The SENSOTEC NET product family convinced our customer because of its simple and wireless commissioning and grouping options. Coupled with the proven STEINEL sensor performance, MOLTO LUCE is able to equip its own luminaires with real added value.

In a logistics hall of MOLTO LUCE, the outdated lighting system was replaced by a new intelligent lighting system. The optimised light output - during the day and at night - enables significant cost savings due to lower electricity consumption. The resulting reduction in CO2 emissions makes a significant contribution to sustainability. In addition, long-life components and perfect lighting quality significantly promote operational safety in the company.

In a direct comparison of the old installation with the new continuous-row lighting system, the optimised lighting quality is also evident between the shelves. Despite the smaller number of light inserts of the new trunking solution, the illuminance of 215lx is just higher than before. 

At the same time, it is possible to achieve energy savings of 90% with this solution.
Figure: Visualisation energy saving potential (source: Molto Luce GmbH)

Products used


Sensor HB PIR 345 Zhaga NET

Surveillance at the highest level. Infrared motion detector for indoors. Ideal for an rectangular detection in large heights in depots, high-bay warehouses, machine shops, check-in areas and departure lounges, installation height from 4 m up to 14 m, detection zone 30 x 4 m (radial movements).


Sensor HB PIR 3360 Zhaga NET

A head for heights. Powerful reach. Reliable. Ideal for high ceilings in industrial buildings or commercial properties. For mounting heights of up to 14 m. High-precision 360° infrared sensor. Maximum detection range diameter 36m. For watching over up to 1000 sqm.




The DALI sensors have circular 360° or rectangular detection areas - depending on the application. The devices can be set up and grouped via wireless Bluetooth mesh communication to offer our customers maximum flexibility. The specially developed IR lens coupled with the powerful PIR sensor guarantee maximum sensor performance. (Figure: Commissioning in the Silvair Mobile App).

  • Light sensor & constant light control, main and ambient light continuously adjustable
  • Wireless communication via Bluetooth Mesh
  • DALI compatible
  • Group configuration via app for areas, rooms or the entire building
  • User-defined lighting groups with configurable behaviour (up to 16 DALI-2 ECGs)

Technologies used


Passiv Infrarot (PIR)

Steinel multi-lens technology is visually reminiscent of the compound eye of a fly. It enables seamless monitoring of a hemispherical detection area and covers detection angles from 180° to 360° as an optimal lens system for motion detectors with double or triple sensors.


Wireless Connection via Bluetooth Mesh SIG

The intelligent radio-based control of the luminaires creates the framework for fully exploiting the potential of LED lighting. The lights exchange motion detection and brightness measurement information with each other, ensuring efficient lighting in line with requirements. STEINEL Solutions is a Bluetooth Mesh SIG Adopter Member.


Silvair Web- und Mobile-App

Quick installation and commissioning: The wireless networking of the luminaires reduces the installation effort and makes planning easier and more flexible. The appropriate settings (e.g. dimming level) and group networking can be prepared in the Silvair web app and later in the mobile app.


«The overall package convinced us. The simple operation, precise sensor technology and attractive design were decisive for us. The possibility of attaching the sensors to our products via the Zhaga interface ensures particularly simple and attractive integration into the luminaires.»

Jiří Civín, Business Development Manager at Molto Luce GmbH
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