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Motion detectors from STEINEL. Professional quality for indoors and outdoors.

Motion detectors from STEINEL - ranges of up to 20 m and mounting heights of up to 4 m. With our sensors, you can detect any movement over an area of up to 1200 square metres. Flexibly adjustable detection ranges, special aisle sensors and mounting options for walls, ceilings and corners - our motion detectors are suitable for all applications. Whether used indoors or outdoors, they're quick to install and individually adjustable from the floor via Smart Remote. If it's a sensor, it's STEINEL!

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"STEINEL motion detectors offer exactly what we need every day. Simple and fast delimitation of the detection areas. This saves us a lot of time during the installation."

Daniel Werner - Elektro Leinauer Konradshofen

Your benefits with STEINEL motion detectors


Easy installation
Simply and quickly mounted. The sophisticated design of the motion detectors ensures easily accessible connection points, allowing quick installation.


Range-strong, precise fit and large area
Every application has different requirements and we have the right answer: range-strong up to 20 m, with mounting heights of up to 4 m. Ideal for hallways and corridors and for areas up to 1200 sqm.


Setting via Smart Remote
Motion detectors from STEINEL can be conveniently set and adjusted from the ground using the Smart Remote after installation. Simply download the app to your smartphone and connect it to the STEINEL product.


Reliable and functional
Excellent functionality, maximum reliability: STEINEL sensor technology is installed millions of times over around the world. For over 30 years, STEINEL has been producing intelligent sensor solutions that are developed exclusively in Europe. With a manufacturer's warranty of 5 years on all Professional line products.


Black is beautiful
Modern design for contemporary architecture: Dark ceilings and walls have made their entrance into modern architecture in recent years. For this reason, you can now get our motion detectors in black.


The right sensor technology for your application. The new STEINEL Sensor Guide.

Whether for indoors or outdoors - as a leading manufacturer in the field of sensor technology, we have the optimal solution for every application. In our Sensor Guide, we show you everything you need to know about the correct use of motion detectors. This will help you to find the ideal sensor for your requirements in no time at all.

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Your contact for sensor technology

Do you have questions about our products or are you facing a complex task and looking for a smart solution? Here you will find the right contact person for your request!

Sensor knowledge from the pros - STEINEL makes you a sensor expert.


Web Seminar:
Flexible Problem Solver for Home & Garden

In this web seminar, you'll find out how to create intelligent and custom-fit solutions with STEINEL sensors and SensorLights


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Did you already know?

Plastic free packaging

The switch to plastic-free packaging for our products is in full swing. We are already saving more than 2 million plastic bags for accessories every year and replacing styrofoam and foam padding with sustainable solutions.