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Presence detectors from STEINEL. The best for everyday professional needs.

Presence detectors from STEINEL - sensors with square detection zones that reliably detect even the smallest movements. In offices, classrooms and all areas with predominantly sedentary work, they are quick to install and can be individually adjusted from the floor using Smart Remote. Detection can be scaled mechanically without any loss of quality, and there is also permanent brightness measurement to avoid unnecessary light switching. If it's a sensor, it's STEINEL!

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"In addition to the simple and quick installation, the conductorless settings make our everyday life easier - especially when you have to adapt existing sensors."

Holger & Tobias Schwarz - Electrical engineering Schwarz Offingen

Your benefits with STEINEL presence detectors


Easy installation
The well thought-out design of the products ensures easily accessible connection points and enables quick and easy installation.


Easy to adjust
Always the right setting for your application: The square detection can be scaled to the exact meter on the back of the sensor. The removable sensor button makes this and all other settings easily accessible.


Setting via Smart Remote
Presence detectors from STEINEL can be conveniently set and adjusted from the ground using the Smart Remote after installation. Simply download the app to your smartphone and connect it to the STEINEL product.


Reliable and functional
Excellent functionality, maximum reliability: STEINEL sensor technology is installed millions of times over around the world. For over 30 years, STEINEL has been producing intelligent sensor solutions that are developed exclusively in Europe. With a manufacturer's warranty of 5 years on all Professional line products.


Black is beautiful
Modern design for contemporary architecture: Dark ceilings and walls have made their entrance into modern architecture in recent years. For this reason, you can now get our motion detectors in black.


The right sensor technology for your application. The new STEINEL Sensor Guide.

As a leading manufacturer in the field of sensor technology, we offer optimal solutions for different room situations. But which sensor is suitable for which requirement? In our Sensor Guide, we show you which of the four common technologies is best for which application. So you will find the right sensor for your application in no time.

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Your contact for sensor technology

Do you have questions about our products or are you facing a complex task and looking for a smart solution? Here you will find the right contact person for your request!

Sensor knowledge from the pros - STEINEL makes you a sensor expert.


Smart and precisely fitting sensor technology

Which sensor solution fits which application? Discover the full range of our product spectrum, learn all about the different detection technologies and find out about combination options.


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Becoming an expert.

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Motion detectors

The presence detector is not always the right choice. Depending on the application, even a simple motion detector can be the ideal solution. Motion detectors from STEINEL offer a wide range of possible uses indoors and out.


Sensor lights

Two become one: High-quality lighting and perfect sensor technology, combined in one product. This creates intelligent solutions for more comfort, more safety and more energy savings.


Multisensor technology

The high-end expansion stage for intelligent building management: In addition to human presence, other precise information such as room temperature, air quality and brightness is recorded in a sensor.


Did you already know?

Plastic free packaging

The switch to plastic-free packaging for our products is in full swing. We are already saving more than 2 million plastic bags for accessories every year and replacing styrofoam and foam padding with sustainable solutions.