Green light for tomorrow - that is our contribution to a sustainable future and means a significant reduction in CO2 emissions with lower energy consumption. Connected Lighting offers the perfect solution for this: sensor-controlled LED lighting that, thanks to local light and presence sensors and Bluetooth networking, only ever switches on when it is needed. Find out where and how Connected Lighting is already being used in practice and what the intelligent building management of the future will look like.

„Connected Lighting is the most economical and sustainable lighting system in the world!”

Martin Frechen
Managing Director STEINEL

Find out now in our free white paper how you can initiate the climate turnaround with Connected Lighting. Many references and a comprehensive study show the massive savings potential.


Saving CO2 / year compared to a conventional T8 fluorescent tube


Energy and CO2 savings possible


Amortization in the shortest possible time

Connected Lighting is our contribution to climate change


STEINEL 5100 series
Savings potential with comfort gain

Ever thought about an intelligent lighting system for parking garages? With the impending ban on conventional T8 fluorescent tubes, the time is now at the latest.

The RS PRO 5100, which can be operated via app, is both economical and sustainable. It impresses with a 360-degree high-frequency sensor, a long-lasting 30-watt LED lighting system, and its wireless networkability via Bluetooth.

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Maximum comfort with minimum energy consumption

Looking for a convenient lighting system for staircases?
The R-series with high-frequency sensor ensures that light only burns when it is needed.

The LED lighting system offers maximum performance with minimum consumption. The luminaires require very little maintenance and are available in warm and neutral white.

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Green light for tomorrow
This free whitepaper provides you with comprehensive information about:

● Intelligent lighting systems
● Funding opportunities
● Potential energy and cost savings
● Connected Lighting in practice
● The intelligent building management of the future
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Planning the future together with STEINEL


Advantages for planners

✓ Extensive range
✓ Intelligent and state-of-the-art technology
✓ High availability


Advantages for Electricians

✓ Low installation effort
✓ Simple commissioning
✓ Wireless networking


Advantages for Investors

✓ Savings in costs and energy
✓ Return on investment (ROI) after 2-3 years
✓ Eligible for federal funding for luminaires 


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Steffen Matthias
Head of Project Sales STEINEL

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