Ecologically brilliant

A look at the CO2 values in a direct comparison shows that our LED luminaire "RS PRO 5100 LED SC" has by far the smallest ecological footprint. The emissions of our sensor-controlled LED luminaire are demonstrably 20 times lower than those of a conventional T8 fluorescent tube and save more than 130€ of electricity per luminaire per year. But also the change from a LED light without, to one with sensor makes per year a CO2 saving of 141Kg and an electricity cost saving of 63,30€. By the way: After only 40 days of use of the "RS PRO 5100 LED SC" the CO2 for the production has been compensated!1

In short: Retrofitting is worthwhile!

1Source: Life cycle analysis of the linear luminaire RS PRO 5001 LED by Prof. Dr. Schmidt, Pforzheim University / INEC Institute, confirmed by Carbotech.