Apartment Building
23 Marina, Dubai

23 Marina is a 88-story, 392.8 m (1,289 ft) residential skyscraper in Dubai. STEINEL products have been installed in all lifts, corridors and lobbies, in all service lobbies and in all parking areas. Lighting control system for all common areas are controlled by Steinel motion sensors integrated into an ABB BMS. All motion sensors have been connected to the BMS, everything is intelligently controlled by time schedule and outside brightness.

Project: 23 Marina

Project Type: Apartment Building

Location: Dubai, U.A.E.

Product Group: Motion Detectors

Products: 330 x IS 3360 / 45 x IS 345


"With light only switching on automatically when it's really needed, we can save a huge amount of energy. This not only cuts electricity costs but helps to conserve the environment too."

Rasoul Moghaddam, integrator at 23 Marina

The right choice

STEINEL has the right sensor for any application. Before making a choice, however, it is necessary to carry out a precise analysis of which detection tasks the sensor needs to perform and what the scenario involves at the point of application. The particular architecture at 23 Marina demands sensors that are also capable of delivering a precision result from elevated installation heights and watch over expansive areas. To make sure this brief is perfectly met, the decision went in favour of infrared ceiling sensor IS 3360 as well as the IS 345 from STEINEL as a dedicated motion detector for corridors and passageways. 

Lighting as a matter of warmth

Both of the sensors selected use passive infrared technology to detect room use. They perceive the heat radiated from the human body and then activate light. PIR sensors work well if they come with high resolution and the sensor's lens is matched to the specific room situation. This is precisely the case with sensors from STEINEL.

Targeted detection in the corridor

Designed as a dedicated IR corridor sensor, the detection field of the IS 345 is tailored to the particular architecture of corridors and passageways. It has a formidable reach of 20 metres in length.

All-round vision from the ceiling

The IS 3360 is a 360-degree, all-round motion detector for watching over every inch of large areas in rooms of up to 4 metres in height. It can see a particularly long way, detecting any movement within a distance of 20 metres all around the sensor. This means a single sensor can watch over an area of up to 1000 sq.m.

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