Effortless energy saving at Atter primary school in Osnabrück

The idea behind
Atter primary school, Osnabrück

152 pupils go in and out of the Atter primary school in Osnabrück every day. Plus, of course, the teaching staff and the children's parents. It can happen that somebody, especially those of primary school age, don't remember to switch off the light when they leave a room or corridor. It makes sense to find a solution that ensures that the light is only switched on when it is needed, and not just because of the new energy-saving regulations of the city of Osnabrück. When building the primary school in Atter, this was taken into account right from the start. The STEINEL sensors and sensor lights installed ensure reliable light switching. The multi-sensors also measure the air quality, which is then transferred to the MCR technology. This saves energy costs, minimises CO2 emissions and improves pupils' learning. 

  • Client: City of Osnabrück
  • Location: Atter primary school, Osnabrück
  • Construction status: Completion in 2023
  • Installed: 42 x R-Series, 48 x True Presence multi-sensors, 24 x Hallway, 13 HF 360
  • Services provided: Hardware and services


"No one does light switching these days. I plan with STEINEL because it works. I have no trouble with it and that's nice."

Responsible lighting planner for the city of Osnabrück

All products used at a glance


Pioneering technology

True Presence Multisensor

KNX True Presence multi-sensors were installed in classrooms and the canteen. These sensors not only detect presence in the room, but also supply important air quality data to the MSR technology, as a centralised ventilation system is installed in the building. True presence detection technology prevents unwanted switching off during class work and unintentional switching on in the event of air movement, as it is temperature-independent.


Wirelessly adjustable


Hallway sensors were installed in the corridors of the primary school. The Hallway is perfect for long corridors and hallways as it has a radial detection range of 25 metres. Setting, commissioning and networking are simple and wireless via Bluetooth.


Captures everything

HF 360

HF 360 sensors were installed in the washrooms of the primary school. The built-in high-frequency sensor technology ensures that the sensor detects even the slightest movement through glass, wood and lightweight walls, so that nobody is at risk of being left in the dark.



Round. Efficient all round.

The R series is used in the stairwells of the primary school. Thanks to the 360° HF sensor invisibly integrated into the luminaire, the light is only switched on when it is needed and is switched off when nobody is there. This maximises convenience and energy savings.


STEINEL Connect App

Savings potential with added convenience.

All R-series lights can be conveniently commissioned and adjusted using the STEINEL Connect app. This not only reduces the installation effort enormously, but is also helpful if adjustments need to be made at a later date. The lights can also be networked with each other via the app.


Bluetooth Mesh - forward-looking technology

The new Bluetooth mesh technology opens up completely new networking possibilities. The Bluetooth technology we use complies with the specifications of the Bluetooth SIG standard and is therefore also future-proof.


Installed R-series luminaires in the stairwells


True Presence multi-sensors installed in classrooms and canteen


Hallway sensors installed in the corridors


HF 360 sensors installed in the washrooms

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Advantages for Planner

✓ Extensive product range
✓ Intelligent and state-of-the-art technology
✓ High availability


Advantages for Electricians

✓ Low installation effort
✓ Simple commissioning
✓ Wireless networking


Advantages for Investors

✓ Cost and energy savings
✓ Return on investment (ROI) after 1-2 years
✓ Eligible for federal funding for luminaires 

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