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Cargo freight area, Munich Airport

The idea behind
Cargo freight area, Munich Airport

Busy, day in, day out - that's everyday life at Munich's Franz Josef Strauß Airport. Particularly in the cargo area environment, where there are many obstacles and potential hazards, the aspects of visibility and safety are crucial. In terms of energy costs and environmental impact, continuous illumination is not expedient, which is why Flughafen München GmbH opted for STEINEL's intelligent, sensor-based solution. The high lighting quality, close-meshed sensor network and networking via Bluetooth of the STEINEL 5100 series make all the difference in the cargo freight area. A total of 1,300 5-core through-wired lights and around 200 additional detectors for high altitudes were installed. According to the airport's own calculations, this system saves 230 metric tons of CO2 per year, which corresponds to the CO2 absorption of approximately 18,400 trees. Other reasons why Munich Airport opted for the STEINEL linear fluorescent light are the ease of installation, the reuse of existing cabling and the use of existing boreholes, as well as the fact that the system can be parameterized via an app..

  • Client: Munich Airport GmbH
  • Location: Munich
  • Construction status: in operation since 1992
  • Lighting retrofit : Start 2021
  • Installed: 1300 x RS PRO 5100 SC, 200 x IR Quattro HD 2
  • Services: Hardware and services


„The goal of the project was to find a long-term, durable and, above all, energy-efficient lighting solution for our cargo area.”

Michael Obermaier
Expert Energy Management and Analysis
Munich Airport

All advantages at a glance


Trendsetting technology

Connected Lighting

With Connected Lighting, sensor-controlled LED luminaires can always be switched on only when they are needed thanks to local light and presence sensors and Bluetooth networking. This saves energy, lowers electricity costs and reduces CO2 emissions.


Brighter light

More comfort and safety

Several rows of STEINEL SensorLights have significantly increased the quality of light, creating greater safety and comfort when working in the cargo area.


Adjustable via app

Easy assembly and installation

All lights are conveniently commissioned and adjusted using the STEINEL Connect App. Practical: existing drill holes and cables can be easily reused.


IR Quattro HD 2 COM 1

Special situation, special solution

The special feature of this reference object is the installation of the 5100 series at 6 m height. In order to extend the actual detection area with a max. mounting height of 4 m and to ensure lighting when it is needed, the IR Quattro HD 2 COM 1 presence detector was used. This extends the detection range and thus guarantees area-wide illumination..


Bluetooth Mesh - forward-looking technology

The new Bluetooth mesh technology opens up completely new networking possibilities. The Bluetooth technology we use complies with the specifications of the Bluetooth SIG standard and is therefore also future-proof.


The CO2 savings are equivalent to taking 18,400 trees


Installed 5100 series luminaires


Installed IR Quattro HD sensors for range extension


Savings potential

With the RS PRO 5100 SC, an enormous amount of CO2 can be saved compared to a T5 lamp, which in turn leads to cost savings per luminaire of over 100€.

Especially in view of the ban on T5 lamps from September 2023, everyone should consider the topic of retrofitting. Connected Lighting is the solution not only to retrofit, but also to achieve the maximum savings potential.


Potential savings. Right up to the ceiling.

Intelligent sensor solutions for industry and logistics.

Sensor solutions for industry and commerce that adapt to different spaces and prevent accidents.

Let's get your project moving together.


Advantages for Planner

✓ Extensive range
✓ Intelligent and state-of-the-art technology
✓ High availability


Advantages for Electrician

✓ Low installation effort
✓ Simple commissioning
✓ Wireless networking


Advantages for Investors

✓ Cost and energy savings
✓ Return on investment (ROI) after 1-2 years
✓ Eligible for federal funding for luminaires

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