Hotel Moxy, Cologne

Energy efficiency with a plus in guest comfort.

Meeting the travel boom with more service for the guest and more energy efficiency for the environment.

The Moxy Hotel is located in the immediate vicinity of Cologne Airport. Its pentagonal building shape and avant-garde façade are inspired by the design language of the terminal, which was designed in the 1970s. The hotel is located on a former airport car park. It comprises 10,000 sqm of gross floor space with 250 rooms, a lobby bar, a restaurant, five conference rooms and a fitness area. The top floor offers a panoramic view of the grounds and the airport apron through generous glass surfaces. The hotel, which belongs to the Mariott Group, uses innovative sensor technology from STEINEL in its rooms.

The project

  • Customer: Moxy Hotel, Mariott Group
  • Location: Cologne, Germany
  • Opening: June 2021
  • Produtcs:  98 True Presence® Multisensor KNX, 
    250 IR Quattro MICRO



A sensor-controlled energy management system reduces energy consumption while improving guest comfort.


The True Presence® multisensor detects whether a guest is in their room or not. Heating and air conditioning are controlled accordingly.


The IR Quattro MICRO installed in the entrance area of the room registers when a guest enters their room and automatically controls a welcome scenario.

More comfort, more efficiency, less CO2

The IR Quattro MICRO ceiling sensor takes over the task of the usual keycard holder at the room entrance. It controls the automatic switching on of selected lights as part of a welcome scene to greet the guest. The True Presence® Multisensor KNX installed under the room ceiling precisely detects whether a guest is in his room or not. Accordingly, the energy-efficient control of the heating and air conditioning takes place between a feel-good mode when the guest is present and an ECO mode when the guest is absent.

"As the name suggests, the true presence and a little bit more. If you look at the
possibilities that arise from the variety of functions and the technical equipment, the device builds bridges that a system integrator wants."

Klaus Geyer, Electrical Engineer

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