Lycée Sud Clisson school building, Clisson

Lycée Sud Clisson school building, Clisson

In the ulltramodern Energy-Plus building of the new grammar school in Clisson/France intelligent lighting control from STEINEL ensures efficient lighting. As innovation and technology leader in intelligent lighting control, STEINEL offers the right sensor for any application. Careful planning in conjunction with the project department at STEINEL France produced a perfect result that everyone agreed on. Presence detectors were chosen for detecting even the smallest of movements in the classrooms, large hall facilities, conference rooms and WCs. Smaller rooms, in contrast, were equipped with motion detectors.

Project: Lycée Sud Clisson school building

Project Type: School

Location: Clisson, France

Product Group: Motion Detectors / Presence Detectors

Products: 168 x IR Quattro DIM / 55 x IR Quattro HD DIM / 52 x IR Quattro COM1 / 26 x IR Quattro HD COM1 / 11 x HF 360 COM1 / 80 x IS 360 D


"The sensors from STEINEL work perfectly. Light is only ever switched on when it's actually needed. The rest of the time it stays off. That gives us a good feeling."

Romuald Pannetier, project manager

The right sensor for each particular room

As innovation and technology leader in intelligent lighting control, STEINEL offers the right sensor for any
application. This makes sure customers always get the best solution. Following a phase of careful planning that benefited from copious active support from the project department at STEINEL France, this is the result that everyone agreed on:
The IR Quattro DIM presence detector was chosen for detecting even the smallest of movements in the classrooms. In the larger halls and conference rooms, the planners chose the high-resolution IR Quattro HD DIM presence detector that is capable of identifying human presence on an area of 64 square metres per sensor. The IS D 360 motion detector has been used in the smaller rooms, with the IS 2180-5 motion detector being fitted in the stairwell. Given the particular advantages of high-frequency technology, the HF 360 motion detector was selected for automatically controlling light in the WC facilities.

Constant-lighting control through DIM interface

Constant-lighting control means that the sensor makes sure there is only ever as much light in the room as the light-level setting prescribes. No artificial light is turned on if daylight is sufficient. If the level of light falls below the setting, the sensor automatically activates artificial lighting on detecting movement.
Only as much artificial light is added that is necessary to reach the light level required – and no more.

Presence detectors from STEINEL provide a square detection zone

The square detection zone is a key characteristic feature of the IR Quattro range from STEINEL. Conventional detectors have a circular detection footprint. This can result in blind spots. With their square lens, IR Quattro presence detectors cover rooms without overlapping and without gaps. The patented mechanical adjustability of reach without any loss of quality is unparalleled.

Active motion detection

Invented by STEINEL, high-frequency technology is also capable of detecting movements behind thin walls made of wood or plasterboard. This is why the HF-360 sensors have been installed in the school's WC facilities. Although the sensor is located in the washroom, it is also in a position to identify persons in any of the WC cubicles.

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