Leiria, Portugal

A parking garage set in the perfect light

The idea behind

STEINEL lighting solutions in the Parque Europa parking garage - Leiria, Portugal

Bright, safe and maximally energy-saving - special attention was paid to these aspects during the lighting design of the new 3-storey Parque Europa multi-storey parking garage in the center of Leiria, Portgual. The point of environmental sustainability was extremely important and it quickly became clear to the planning office that the energy targets could only be achieved with the STEINEL Connected Lighting solution. The Bluetooth Mesh-based lighting solution is used both in the RS PRO 5100 linear light and in the R-Series wall and ceiling lights. In the parking areas, the 5100 with light running ahead and STEINEL's swarm intelligence ensures demand-based switching and a safe feeling with minimal energy consumption. The highlight is cross-product networking with R-series lights in the stairwell and on the parking garage's exterior facade. Here, too, intelligent lighting control ensures bright light and gives users a feeling of safety. Incidentally, our lighting solutions not only provide better light, more brightness and greater convenience, they also reduce operating costs by up to 80%.

  • Client: Simoliz II Invest, S.A.
  • Location: Leiria, Portugal 
  • Construction status: Completed 2021
  • Sustainable building with 3 floors and 155 parking lots
  • Installed: RS PRO 5100 SC, RS PRO R10 SC, XLED PRO ONE series. 
  • Services: Software, hardware & services 

The project at a glance


Already during the planning of the 3-story parking garage, special attention was paid to ecological sustainability.


The lighting solution enables cross-product networking with the R-series luminaires in the stairwell and on the exterior façade of the parking garage.


A gala dinner was held in the middle of the 155 parking spaces to mark the inauguration of the parking garage. A sensational idea where everyone could see the STEINEL lighting solution for themselves on site.

Partnership with ambitious CO2 targets

Within the European Union, greenhouse gas emissions are to be reduced by at least 55 percent by 2030 compared with 1990 levels. Portugal also shares this ambitious goal. The Parque Europa parking garage proves that the climate targets can be achieved and people can feel more comfort and safety at the same time. If we manage to equip many more projects with our Connected Lighting solution, even much higher CO2 savings are possible.

"With STEINEL lighting solutions, we create maximum comfort for users with minimum energy consumption thanks to swarm intelligence."

Bruno Santos, Electrical Engineer & Key Account Manager at F.Fonseca S.A.
Floorplan Portugal.svg
XLED ONE PRO S final.jpg

XLED PRO One Serie

Spotlights from the XLED PRO One series were used to illuminate the large outdoor areas. These can illuminate a large area as bright as day from a mounting height of up to 6m.

RS PRO Connect 5100 LED_1.png

RS PRO 5100 SC

Networked via Bluetooth, the RS PRO Connect 5100 SC LED linear luminaire is easily and conveniently set and operated via app.

RS PRO Connect R10_1.png


Based on Bluetooth Mesh technology, the R-Series lights in the stairwells are networked with the parking area lighting - without any additional cables.


Perfect lighting

In order for users to feel safe in the parking garage, perfect lighting is necessary in every area. With the RS PRO 5100 SC and the adjustable basic light, no corner remains dark.


STEINEL lights installed
With 186 lights installed, the STEINEL Connected Lighting solution ensures optimum energy efficiency in addition to perfect lighting.


Saving of operating costs
The 4 different light functions and the swarm intelligence can reduce operating costs by up to 80%. Even in comparison to using normal LED lights 70% energy can be saved.


Parking Lots
Spread over 3 floors, 155 parking spaces are available in the parking garage. The floors are connected via 3 illuminated staircases.


Prepared for any emergency

We all hope that this case will never happen. In the event of a power failure, the RS PRO R10 luminaires in the stairwell switch on an LED emergency light (107 lm) for 3 hours in accordance with EN 60598-2-22. Thus, a quick and safe orientation in case of emergency is guaranteed.


Easy interconnection and operation via app

To illuminate an area as expansive as the parking level of an underground car park, it makes sense to create lighting groups. Doing this with the RS PRO Connect 5100 LED makes it unnecessary to lay any additional cables. Lights are easily interconnected via Bluetooth with the intuitive STEINEL app. For each of these lighting groups, it is necessary to define a group master in the app. All lights in a group then operate in the same way as the group master is configured. Other light functions, such as the neighbouring function, as well as lighting parameters such as twilight setting, basic light level, main light and time settings, can also be selected via app with effortless ease. Practical: all light functions and settings are conveniently selected at ground level via an app. No ladder is needed.

Products application areas


R series in staircase

Based on Bluetooth Mesh technology, the R-Series luminaires in the staircases are networked with the parking area lighting - without any additional cables. For the façade area, the architects and lighting designers also relied on the R series.


5100 series on the parking areas

In parking areas, the RS 5100 SC networked via Bluetooth Mesh with advance light provides on-demand switching and a safe feeling with minimal energy consumption.


XLED PRO ONE for illumination

Spotlights from the XLED PRO One series were used to illuminate the large outdoor areas. These can illuminate a large area as bright as day from a mounting height of up to 6m.

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