Public Library, Stuttgart

Public Library, Stuttgart

Intelligent lighting for intelligent minds. The new public library building was opened to the public on 24 October 2011 as a cultural centre on Milan Square in Stuttgart's new Europaviertel district. In planning the new Stuttgart public library, the vision of Korean architect Eun Young Yi was to create a symbol for a new social centre that combines education and the thirst for knowledge with a characteristic element that excites. The thermal façade with a double-skin building envelope made of concrete and glass is fascinating and innovative. The clear design concept is organised into a simple and elegant cube. The innovative architecture of the blue monolith was also to be expressed in the use of innovative technology. STEINEL products have provided a harmonious balance between the perfect use of natural light and the energy-efficient application of artificial lighting.

Project: Public Library

Project Type: Library

Location: Stuttgart, Germany

Product Group: Presence Detectors

Products: 200 x HF 360 KNX


"The level of lighting in the library always stays the same no matter whether it's sunny outside or in the evening. As a visitor, I find that very pleasant because it creates an atmosphere here inside that always stays bright and inviting."

Marc Lorch, library user

Centralised building automation

When the library was built, it was decided to install a KNX-based building automation system as a way of perfectly controlling all the main building functions, such as lighting. KNX sensors from STEINEL can be integrated throughout the building system quickly and easily. The HF 360 KNX from
STEINEL´s tried and proven Presence Control PRO range was chosen for detecting movement in the library. It not only has the task of minimising energy consumption but also of providing the perfect balance of natural and artificial light.

Planning with RELUX

To optimise the number and positioning of the presence detectors, the building's planners were provided with support from RELUX software. RELUX software can be used for planning all presence detectors from STEINEL. This software contains the product data for all sensors. In just a few clicks
of the mouse, professional users are provided with a perfect list of their sensors and can even display each sensor's detection zone in RELUX as well.

360 degrees in view

The HF 360 is particularly slim because using HF technology it doesn't work with a lens. From the ceiling, it detects all movements in a full-circle radius of 1 to 8 metres. This can be adjusted exactly as required. Another particular aspect of HF technology: no matter how the sensor is approached – the quality of detection is always equally as good. Unlike PIR technology, there is no difference between tangential and radial detection.

Penetrating detection

High-frequency waves have the advantage of being able to penetrate room elements made of glass or even stud walls. This means the HF 360 can be installed out of view behind suspended ceilings without impairing detection quality. This way, visitors to Stuttgart city library can't see the sensors – but the sensors give them pleasant task lighting.

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