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Working in a new light. ANDRITZ Soutec AG factory buildings.

The idea behind
45% energy savings thanks to constant light control and motion detector

Factory halls and high-bay warehouses often have narrow aisles and very high ceilings. Too high for most sensors. Different room situations in commercial properties call for a sensory lighting solution that meets the specific requirements, delivers precise results and consumes as little energy as possible. Intelligent, high-performance sensors from STEINEL are tailored to the requirements of industrial and commercial environments. The IS 3360 MX Highbay COM1 infrared motion detector has been specially developed for mounting heights of up to 14 metres and precise detection between narrow racking aisles. In its Neftenbach factory halls, ANDRITZ Soutec AG produces high-quality laser welding systems. Thanks to the installation of STEINEL motion detectors and an excellent lighting control system, ANDRITZ Soutec AG can ensure optimum results in the best possible light. 

  • Client: ANDRITZ Soutec AG
  • Location: Neftenbach factory halls
  • Installed: IS 3360 MX Highbay DALI-2 Input Device
  • Services: Motion detector and light control system
  • Energy consumption: reduction of 45%


Less power consumption

With constant light control and motion detectors, only as much artificial light is used as necessary. That saves energy - every day.


Reduction of energy consumption


Maximum mounting height


Built-in IS 3360 MX Highbay DALI-2 Input Device


Someone has to have the overview. The IS 3360 MX Highbay has it. Always.


The IS 3360 MX Highbay reliably detects movements. Cover caps limit the detection range and ensure that only relevant movements are registered. This means that light is only switched on when it is really needed.


Infrared - High. Higher. Highbay. From ceiling heights up to 14 m, a single infrared Highbay motion detector with a 360-degree view monitors up to 1,000 sq. m. of production area or an aisle up to 60 m long between high shelves.

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Advantages for Planners

✓ Extensive assortment
✓ Intelligent and state of the art technology
✓ High availabilities


Advantages for Electricians

✓ Extensive assortment
✓ Intelligent and state of the art technology
✓ High availabilities


Advantages for Investors

✓ Savings in costs and energy
✓ Return on investment (ROI) after 2-3 years
✓ Eligible for federal funding for luminaires 

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