Social Responsibility

Being strong together

People are the focus of our actions, because our success is based on human inventions. We provide an optimal environment for strong inventiveness. At the same time, we also take on the responsibility to care. With our Inventors-Spirit and Skills, we pave the way for great inventors already in education. We encourage and support to achieve great things together.
Mission statement and evaluation

Our mission statement is an appeal to all managers and employees and describes our aspired image of the future. It contains our core values and principles that determine how we interact with each other and how we work together across the organization. To ensure that our key mission statement themes are actually put into practice, we regularly use the mission statement check to assess our progress as an organization in implementing them.

The STEINEL mission statement

  1. We are inventors.
  2. Our products are (simply) ingenious.
  3. We make it so that it becomes really good.
  4. The creative freedom is what makes us.
  5. We solve things together.
  6. We are respectful, honest and helpful.
  7. Our customers love our products and the STEINEL brand.

Excellent employer


Education and training - Sustainable advancement of people

We place particular emphasis on the practical and holistic training of our junior staff. Right from the start, our trainees supervise entire work processes and projects both independently and as part of a team. In this way, they acquire technical as well as organizational, methodical and social skills and are challenged at the same time. They are always supported by experienced trainers, so that their entry into professional life is successful.

We know: good skilled workers are in demand. That's why our retention rate is remarkably high at over 90 percent. We value the skills of our junior staff, such as independence, a willingness to learn and perform, a sense of responsibility and a desire for further development and training. Many opportunities for advancement await them at STEINEL.

  • Electronics technician for devices and systems
  • IT specialist for application development
  • IT specialist for system integration
  • Warehouse logistics specialist
  • Management assistant in e-commerce
  • Wholesale and foreign trade clerk
  • Management assistant for office management


Company sports

Promote and preserve health

The well-being of our employees is close to our hearts. For fitness and athletic challenges, the STEINEL company sports club offers a diverse program. We currently offer the following:

Water gymnastics
Minicar racing

More projects

It is not only within the STEINEL company that we are committed to ensuring that people feel comfortable and can develop personally and professionally. We stand by our social responsibility. By supporting various social projects, we want to provide opportunities and offer prospects.

Out of the ring and into training

Everyone deserves a chance. That's why we support the social project Farid's QualiFighting of the Boxing Center Münster. As part of a mentoring concept for children and young people, academic and sporting achievements are closely linked and values and respect are taught at the same time. Participants in this program we offer the possibility of training. In 2021 we could win 2 new trainees for our company.


Company doctor

Our company doctor, Mr. Bohlen, Friedemann, is located in the company medical center in Rietberg. He can be reached by all employees during opening hours. We also offer additional consultation hours in the company with an appointment via our works council.


German course for refugees

Sound language skills are the basis for gaining a foothold in a foreign country. That's why we supported 18 refugees in 2016 with a language course lasting several weeks at our headquarters in Herzebrock-Clarholz. In addition, we were able to provide some of them with accommodation in our company shared apartment for the duration of the language course.

Further topics around sustainability


Governance - Trust through openness

Responsible and sustainable corporate governance requires compliance with legal framework conditions. Compliance, transparency and evaluation by independent third parties are just as much a part of this as internal organizational structures. We are committed to this with value-oriented action.


Environment - Protecting our livelihood

What does the framework for environmentally compatible production look like at STEINEL? And how can clever product development lead to greater sustainability? A look behind the scenes shows our striving for energy efficiency, environmental and climate protection.