Workspace management. Transparency and convenience through data-based space management.

In a dynamic working world and ever-increasing property prices, efficient workplace management is becoming increasingly important. As a leading company in the development of specialised sensors, including those that can detect and count people, we are already part of the solution. Workspace management is a key part of our offering and expertise. Our aim is to use innovative sensor solutions to organise the use of valuable office space more efficiently. From flexible workplace design to precise cost control, our sensors play a key role in adapting to the new requirements of the modern and healthy working world.

Integrated solutions

See which workstations are free. Employees can use the app to reserve a free workstation on their way into the office.


Organised working environment

96 FlexDesk workstations and 11 meeting rooms for 200 employees? No problem. Campana & Schott has been working successfully with the Smart Workspace solution since 2019.


Intelligent rooms

Assistance systems support employees in their search for free rooms and can prepare them accordingly by controlling the heating, ventilation and air conditioning.


Efficient planning

Based on the digital data and facts within the Smart Workspace solution, companies can continuously analyse and optimise their space utilisation.

The transformation of office workplaces is in full swing


of office space in Germany is not regularly utilised, plus a further 4.84% of vacant space.


Rents for office space in Germany have risen by an average of 30 % since 2013.


Seventy per cent of German companies are looking for solutions to make more efficient use of their office space.


Connection between hardware and software


With the new Capstone® software solution, it is possible for the first time to detect and visualise all IP and Bluetooth sensors and lights in the network. This provides a complete overview of the building status: temperature, humidity, CO2, VOC, noise, smoke, presence, brightness and number of people. Based on the analysed data, optimisation suggestions can then be made for better use of space

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