Apartment Building
IKANO Residential Complex, Helsingborg

Featuring cutting-edge HF-sensor technology, 182 intelligent indoor lights from STEINEL manage the lighting in the stairwells and corridors of the IKANO residential complex in Helsingborg, Sweden. They give residents convenience, safety and peace of mind while optimising energy efficiency. 

Project: IKANO Residential Complex

Project Type: Apartment Building

Location: Helsingborg, Sweden

Product Group: Indoor Lights / Presence Detectors

Products: 182 x RS PRO LED S1 / 6 x IR Quattro COM1


"The light switches on all by itself at exactly the moment I enter the stairwell. I don't even have to press a switch. That really is very convenient. And it makes me feel safe."

Kerstin Olsson, who lives in one of the apartments

Modern lighting management

Modern lighting management Intelligent and innovative lighting control in this residential complex comes from 182 LED SensorLights of type RS PRO LED S1. It can be installed either as a wall or as a ceiling light. Various intelligent functions reliably provide energy-efficient light whenever corridors or stairwells are actually being used and light is really needed.

Identifying room use by high-frequency

The 5.8 GHz high-frequency (HF) sensor integrated in the luminaire responds to the slightest of movements. When a resident enters the corridor or stairwell, the light immediately switches on automatically without any delay whatsoever. The integrated sensor can be adjusted to suit any requirement, reliably detecting any movement in a radius of up to 8 metres in all directions around the light.

Intelligent lighting

Various user-friendly settings can be made on the luminaire itself. The light level at which the RS PRO LED S1 is to switch on can be set to any value between 2 and 2000 lux. Stay-ON time allows the user to decide how long the light is to remain on for after identifying the last movement. A further option is basic light level at 10 per cent. This provides dimmed illumination in an area so that it's not completely dark, for instance, when someone enters the corridor or stairwell. When the HF-sensor detects a movement, the light immediately switches to maximum output. Once the stay-ON time has elapsed, it returns to the dimmed lighting level. The RS PRO LED S1 has been designed so that it can be perfectly matched to any given situation or requirement with very little effort.

Never change a bulb again

The LED lighting system in the SensorLights from STEINEL is protected from overheating by a special configuration and Active-Thermo-Control. This makes sure optimum lighting is always provided and the LED lighting system gives a useful life of approx. 30 years. Gone are the days when you had to change a bulb. The LED lighting system's lifespan is not affected either by how often it is switched on and off, in the way that conventional bulbs are. This means: no maintenance costs, just intelligent, reliable and trouble-free lighting.

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