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MST Enschede, Netherlands

The idea behind
Innovative all along the line

Medisch Spectrum Twente (MST) is one of the largest clinical teaching hospitals. Around 3,500 employees are dedicated to promoting health in the Twente region in close collaboration with regional healthcare partners. A modern hospital is located at the main site in Enschede. Technological innovations, efficiency and sustainability are aspects that play a major role in MST on a daily basis, and not only in the medical field. In 2020, the parking garage at the Enschede site was converted to Connected Lighting. In this way, precisely these aspects can be ensured in the area of lighting. Both the parking areas and the stairwells were fitted with STEINEL lights that illuminate precisely when they are needed. Measurements showed that the previous 24 h lighting was on for 7,368 unnecessary hours over a one-year period, an extraordinary number that needed to be reduced as quickly as possible. By converting to Connected Lighting, the MST has taken an important step that minimizes energy costs while ensuring a sense of security for visitors.

  • Client: Medisch Spectrum Twente
  • Location: MST Enschede, Netherlands
  • Converted to STEINEL Connected Lighting: 2020
  • Installed: 750 x RS PRO 5100 SC, 44 x R-Series
  • Services: Software, hardware and services


"As MST, we are very pleased with the new STEINEL lighting. The parking lot is better lit and when there is no activity, the lights are dimmed. This maintains the feeling of safety but maximizes energy savings."

Kuno Kamstra 

Sustainability and Energy Consultant / Systems Engineer, MST 


Trendsetting technology

Connected Lighting

With Connected Lighting, sensor-controlled LED luminaires can always be switched on only when they are needed thanks to local light and presence sensors and Bluetooth networking. This saves energy, lowers electricity costs and reduces CO2 emissions.


Adjustable via app

Easy assembly and installation

All lights are conveniently commissioned and adjusted using the STEINEL Connect App. Practical: the lights can be mounted on existing drill holes.



4 light functions

The warm white light of the R series creates a pleasant atmosphere. This is ensured by the different light modes: basic and main light, which can be dimmed from 1 - 100%, as well as additional background lighting. In the event of a power failure, the optional battery emergency light module reliably provides sufficient light.


Bluetooth Mesh - forward-looking technology

The new Bluetooth mesh technology opens up completely new networking possibilities. The Bluetooth technology we use complies with the specifications of the Bluetooth SIG standard and is therefore also future-proof.


Energy cost savings per year.


Installed 5100 Series & R Series Luminaires


Permanent lighting was once - light only switches on when it is needed.


Savings potential

With the RS PRO 5100 SC, an enormous amount of CO2 can be saved compared to a T5 lamp, which in turn leads to cost savings per luminaire of over 100€.

Especially in view of the ban on T5 lamps from September 2023, everyone should consider the topic of retrofitting. Connected Lighting is the solution not only to retrofit, but also to achieve the maximum savings potential.

Let's get your project moving together.


Advantages for Planer

✓ Extensive range
✓ Intelligent and state-of-the-art technology
✓ High availability


Advantages for Electrician

✓ Low installation effort
✓ Simple commissioning
✓ Wireless networking


Advantages for Investors

✓ Cost and energy savings
✓ Return on investment (ROI) after 1-2 years
✓ Eligible for federal funding for luminaires

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Sharon Neugebauer
Head of International Sales Sensor & Light PRO
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