Import ban on T5/T8 fluorescent tubes

Connected Lighting instead of fluorescent tubes

Conversion instead of refurbishment - With the impending import ban on conventional T5/T8 fluorescent tubes, now is the time to get it right. We show you our solution. Learn what you should pay attention to now - and how you benefit from significantly lower power consumption.
More info about the ban and what you can do now

The import ban on T5/T8 fluorescent tubes is a decision made as part of the move to more energy efficient lighting systems. T5/T8 fluorescent tubes consume significantly more energy compared to modern LED lights and are therefore more inefficient. In addition, they often contain pollutants such as mercury, which are a burden on the environment when disposed of and broken.

Therefore, timely action should be taken now. We have the right solution for you: instead of LED refurbishment, we recommend converting directly to our long-lasting, maximally efficient Connected Lighting system. This way, you avoid the risks associated with a retrofit and, thanks to intelligent sensor technology, directly rely on longevity, low maintenance and the greatest energy savings.

Why you should upgrade to STEINEL Connected Lighting


CO2 saving proven several times


Amortization in the shortest possible time


Savings per year per luminaire possible


Advantages from technical point of view

    ✓ Intelligent and state-of-the-art technology 
     ✓ Guaranteed compatibility of lamp and luminaire
      Predictable illuminance and light quality
✓ Long service life thanks to coordinated products
✓ High availability


Advantages with the Conversion

✓ Existing boreholes can be used
✓ Easy commissioning thanks to state-of-the-art technology
✓ Low maintenance effort
✓ Fewer products used thanks to better luminous efficacy
✓ Intelligent control via app


Advantages from financial view

✓ Max. savings through combination of sensor technology and LED
✓ Return on investment (ROI) after less than 2 years
✓  Preservation of guarantee and warranty claims


„The combination of LED with intelligent control promises the largest energy savings.“

Professor Dr. Mario Schmidt
HS Pforzheim / INEC Institute

Discover the results of the study in our free whitepaper and learn in an expert interview how intelligent lighting systems combine the imperative for economy with the convenience of carelessness to ensure cost-effectiveness.

Our solutions:


For the conversion of T5/T8 luminaires

A look at the CO2 values in a direct comparison shows that our LED luminaire "RS PRO 5100 LED SC" has by far the smallest ecological footprint. The emissions of our sensor-controlled LED luminaire are demonstrably 20 times lower than those of a conventional T8 fluorescent tube and save more than 130€ of electricity per luminaire per year. But also the change from a LED luminaire without, to one with sensor makes a CO2 saving of 141Kg and an electricity cost saving of 63,30€ per year.

By the way: After only 40 days of using the "RS PRO 5100 LED SC", the CO2 for its production has been offset!

In short: retrofitting is worthwhile!

Source: Life cycle analysis of the RS PRO 5001 LED linear luminaire by Prof. Dr. Schmidt, Pforzheim University of Applied Sciences / INEC Institute, confirmed by Carbotech.

To the 5100 series


Precise planning, maximum savings.

Our team of consultants and the innovative STEINEL planning tools help with the most important question: How much energy can be saved in our project through intelligent lighting and sensor technology?


Smart from assembly to installation.

Installation is basically quite simple: you use the existing cabling, mount on existing drill holes, network the new installation wirelessly and set all parameters via app.


Conveniently networked, future - and IOT-capable.

To illuminate such an extensive area as the parking deck of an underground car park, it makes sense to form lighting groups. With the RS PRO Connect 5100 LED, no additional cables need to be laid for this. The lights are simply connected to each other via Bluetooth using the intuitive STEINEL app.


Conversion of ring-shaped fluorescent lamps

For the conversion of luminaires with ring-shaped fluorescent lamps, e.g. in stairwells, the R series offers a comprehensive range for every situation: the RS PRO R series basic with three light functions (basic light, dimmable main light and emergency light), which can be adjusted via app without a ladder, is the most intelligent and convenient digital sensor luminaire system on the market. Thanks to modern Bluetooth networking as well as update and IoT capability, the digital sensor luminaire system stands for the highest level of future security. It convinces with a high-precision HF sensor, outstanding efficiency and absolutely uniform light distribution. 

You can find more information on this and on the topic of Connected Lighting in general in our corresponding white paper.

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