Parking & Transportation

Refurbishment slashes 94.4% of running costs


Parking & Transportation

Low running costs, brighter light

Underground car park in Cologne
End to costly non-stop lighting

Outdated lighting systems and lights left on 24/7 – this
blatant waste of energy is going on everywhere. An intelligent lighting solution from STEINEL and clever control system provide the key to slashing energy and running costs, as demonstrated here in an underground car-parking facility below the city of Cologne. Avoiding any gut feeling that may be part of the equation at the planning stage, the PROLog meter measures the lighting and usage situation in advance, delivering hard and fast facts on the savings that are waiting for you to make.

  • Location: Cologne, Germany
  • Construction status: completed in 1982, refurbished in 2020
  • 139 parking lots in 4 parking zones
  • Product installed: RS PRO Connect 5100 LED
  • Planning assistant: PROLog from STEINEL
  • Result: Total running costs down 94.4%.
  • Payback in under 2 years

Added convenience and better safety with significantly lower running costs

Compared with the old lighting system, all areas are now 30% brighter than they were before. This gives users a sense of being in a far safer and more welcoming environment. And manoeuvring in and out of the parking lots is so much easier too.


Before: Lighting tended to be dull.


After: Installing RS PRO Connect 5100 LED has made everything much brighter.

Low running costs, brighter light


Replacing utterly outdated lighting in the underground parking facility, the new RS PRO Connect 5100 LED sensor-controlled diffuser lights come to the fore. Matched exactly to any specific parking deck situation, a control system always makes sure light comes on exactly where users happen to be and actually need it. Sensors providing configurable time intervals dim the level of lighting once the last visitor has left. After a while, the lighting goes out as soon as the last person leaves the area the sensors cover. This lighting solution can reduce running costs by an incredible 94.4%.

Well-being up, costs down.

Light accompanies users on their way

The system's neighbouring-light function activates lights in adjacent areas. This means light is always switched on wherever the user happens to be and will shortly be walking through.

Do you want the lighting in your parking facility to give you returns?


Find out more on cutting energy use.

Discover ways of saving money and energy with an Intelligent Lighting solution from STEINEL. Our brochure covers all aspects of this amazing project.

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