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Motion detectors from STEINEL

The sensory organs of modern buildings. Simple to install on walls, ceilings or in corners.

More and more home owners use sensors to control various functions in and around the home, and as a result enjoy that extra convenience and security. STEINEL recognised this sign of modern times a long time ago and satisfies the requirements of customers with innovative light- and sensor solutions for the most diverse of applications. Simple installation and user-friendly operation are also decisive ingredients for success - and the basis for impressive applications that, when required, also go beyond simply turning lights on and off.

Greater safety, convenience and energy efficiency. Fully automatic.

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Home safe home.

Intelligent lighting that detects movement automatically, shows noteworthy details in the right light, illuminates the way and can guard against undesired visitors. STEINEL lighting control makes daily life so much more convenient and increases security within your own four walls. And you do not need to give a thought any more to using electricity in an efficient, sustainable way. It reduces energy costs by up to 90%. 

This is how it works


The so-called pyro sensor is the heart of the infrared sensor technology. It responds to the body heat of a person, which is emitted in the form of infrared radiation. In this way, it detects the movements of persons within its detection zone and can react to these accordingly. The changes in the infrared heat radiation are converted into an electronic signal. The light is switched on via this switching signal.   Passive infrared sensors from STEINEL are proven all-rounders for use indoors and outdoors. They are not affected by damp, cold weather. They have a reach of up to 20 metres, and can therefore monitor large areas reliably - even at great heights.

What makes STEINEL motion detectors so special


Light level adjustment

You can define the response brightness.

Via a control dial, you can specify at what level of ambient light the light is switched on. To do this, set the response brightness infinitely between 2 lux (night) and 2000 lux (day) - and thus avoid the light being switched on unnecessarily during the day. Whether for 5 seconds or 15 minutes - via the time setting, you can define how long the light is to stay on for after the detection of movement.


Technology with the highest detection quality

What you should know about sensor lenses.

We use various lens types for our sensors. Fresnel lenses with an approximate 180° angle of coverage are made up of many single lenses arranged together in a circular segment. An extra "monitoring window" below the main detection zone provides additional security. STEINEL multi-lenses resemble a compound eye. Their hemispherical detection zone enables the monitoring of everything within a 360° area. For even better results, our sensors are also equipped with up to three pyro sensors.


Setting the detection zone

Adjust your sensor to your property.

Sensors from STEINEL can be adjusted flexibly and to suit the application thanks to lenses that can be swivelled and tilted. The detection zone can be limited precisely by using the included shrouds, which can be individually cut to size. In this way, for example, the neighbouring property or the adjacent street can be masked out accordingly.

Automatic light does not stop at the front door.


Light exactly when you need it.

With the laundry basket under your arm, you leave the laundry room, dash along the corridor as quickly as possible and then climb the stairs two at a time. Light accompanied you the whole way - without you having to switch a switch. The STEINEL motion detector enables light to be switched ON automatically, and OFF again as soon as you leave the room. Simplicity in daily life - our idea of intelligent technology.