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So beautiful - Cube outdoor lights from STEINEL.

The Cube series

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Light cubes around the house.

With our Cube series you can illuminate facades and paths around the house atmospherically. Choose from three different light patterns for the wall lights to suit your personal requirements. And all Cube lights are set and networked by cell phone using the free STEINEL App. Other features include adjustable basic light, a pleasant soft light start and Bluetooth networking for uniform light switching.

Simply network


Atmospheric light in all areas
The soft light start simultaneously lets all Cube luminaires pleasantly rise into the main light as soon as a movement is registered - an absolute highlight of the series. In addition, the light intensity of the main light can be adjusted between 50 and 100% via app.


Simple app control
With the help of the free STEINEL App, you can easily and conveniently set and network the lights. You also have the option of switching the light on and off via app.


Uniform series around the house
The Cube series allows you to design a lighting concept in your outdoor area that seamlessly blends into its surroundings. The three wall luminaires are complemented by a path luminaire in the same design - all luminaire versions are equipped with the same technical features.


Future-proof. Compatible. Cost-effective.
Many of our products already speak Bluetooth - and the trend is rising. The luminaires of the Cube series are also part of our Bluetooth Connect program and can be wirelessly networked with other luminaires and spotlights.


Aesthetic light for garden & co. The path luminaire in cubic design.

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