Building Intelligence. Or why modern buildings need more than 7 senses.

Building intelligence begins by first picking up sensory signals, just like humans. Our sophisticated sensors collect precise data that continuously control, optimise and improve the building and its functions. Through continuous learning, the building acquires in-depth knowledge about its environment and itself. It opens up completely new possibilities for its users by raising efficiency, health, safety and comfort to a new level.

True Presence® Multisensor Smoke
The ultimate in sensory perception

Building Intelligence sensors in use


Good service remains invisible.
But never unnoticed.

Sensor-based hotel automation not only means lower costs, but also offers added value for guests. A quick glance at the housekeeping app is all it takes for the cleaning staff to know immediately whether a room is currently free and can be cleaned. No annoying knocks on the room door. No annoyed guests.


On your marks, get set, go!
Smart, of course.

New ways of working require new office concepts. Office workstations are often unoccupied due to business trips or working from home. With the help of the Smart Workspace FlexDesk solution and STEINEL sensors, employees can use the app to find a free office workstation while travelling. This optimises office space utilisation and saves costs.


Intelligent sensor technology saves energy -
also among students and teachers.

Intelligent lighting control via presence detectors can save a lot of money - and create an optimal learning atmosphere. After all, not only good air, but also good lighting conditions are crucial for healthy learning. With constant light control, for example, the light level is always dimmed to the level required for optimum learning.

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What? How much? Where? When? More intelligence thanks to optical multi-sensor technology.

Human Presence Detection

Presence detectors that not only detect people who are present, but also count them. Regardless of whether they are moving or not. The heart of the system is an innovative technology with a highly sensitive optical system combined with a complex mathematical algorithm. The sensors also have integrated temperature and humidity measurement, opening up completely new possibilities. Lighting, heating and air conditioning, measured according to the number of people present in a room, can finally be controlled as required.

Building Intelligence_06_Teaser_675x379px.jpg

Connection between hardware and software


With the new Capstone® software solution, it is possible for the first time to detect and visualise all IP and Bluetooth sensors and lights in the network. This provides a complete overview of the building status: temperature, humidity, CO2, VOC, noise, smoke, presence, brightness and number of people. Based on the analysed data, optimisation suggestions can then be made for better use of space.

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