Interfaces and communication

Sending and receiving - it's all a question of the right language.

Bluetooth, IP, KNX oder DALI-2, STEINEL offers all future-relevant interfaces. It is no longer just about controlling light, but also about determining additional data such as temperature, presence, air quality, acoustics and much more and transferring it to selected actuators. Exchange with system providers and in-house research, development and production guarantee reliability and investment security.

Bluetooth MESH. Endless possibilities with a new standard.

As part of the Bluetooth SIG (Special Interest Group) member community, we are continuously expanding the possibilities of Bluetooth technology in order to solve new challenges and utilise market opportunities. This makes the commissioning and configuration of intelligent systems much easier and ensures the future viability of our products.


KNX. Control with a globally proven system.

Our KNX sensors can collect important information, process this data and communicate with other devices via the bus system to trigger various automated actions. This enables flexible and efficient control of various aspects of a building, such as lighting, heating, ventilation and security.


Your contact person around sensor technology

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