Service offer for building owners: Invest in the future

Maximise profitability and sustainability

For building owners, STEINEL offers a precise range of services aimed at increasing the value and sustainability of your property. With our ROI calculation, you can recognise the savings potential of our technologies, while inspiring reference projects show how efficiency, comfort and safety can be improved by using STEINEL products. In view of the ban on fluorescent tubes in 2023, we will inform you about the necessary adjustments and offer future-proof lighting solutions. This compact and practice-orientated offer will help you to manage your properties efficiently and in line with current regulations.

Our service for building owners


Building Intelligence bei STEINEL.

Our references

Immerse yourself in our reference projects and discover how building owners around the world benefit from our innovative lighting and sensor technologies. Be inspired by successful implementations and find out how your project can also benefit from our customised solutions.


Time for a change.

Ban on fluorescent tubes 2023

With fluorescent tubes being banned in 2023, it's time to switch to more modern and efficient lighting solutions. We are your trusted partner to support you in this transition and offer you the best alternatives for your lighting needs.