Service that connects: Customised support for installers

Efficient, informative, practical - our range of services from start to finish.

Our range of services for installers is precisely tailored to your needs and supports you effectively from commissioning to completion of your projects. Benefit from our detailed installation instructions or direct access to technical customer service. Our tutorials and training courses also provide you with up-to-date expertise and practical tips on how to use our products. Targeted and efficient.

Our service for installers


Professional support from the manufacturer for installers.


We accompany installers with expert guidance and support during the commissioning of our products. Our aim is to provide you with a smooth and efficient installation process so that you can successfully complete every project with confidence and expertise.


Direct line to STEINEL

Technical customer service

Our technical customer service team is on hand with its expertise and experience to help you with all your technical questions and concerns. Whether you need help with installation or simply want advice, our team is here for you. We prioritise fast and reliable service so that you can move your project forward smoothly.


Knowledge transfer for installers.

Tutorials & videos

Deepen your expertise and stay up to date with our webinars. Benefit from expert knowledge on current trends and technologies to enhance your projects with the latest lighting and sensor technology.