Terms of Guarantee.

STEINEL products have been manufactured with the utmost care, tested for proper operation and safety and then subjected to random sample inspection. Steinel guarantees that it is in perfect condition and proper working order. The warranty period is 36 months and starts on the date of sale to the consumer. We will remedy defects caused by material flaws or manufacturing faults.

The warranty will be met by repair or replacement of defective parts at our own discretion. The warranty shall not cover damage to wear parts, damage or defects caused by improper treatment or maintenance. Further consequential damage to other objects shall be excluded.

Claims under the warranty will only be accepted if the unit is sent fully assembled and well-packed with a brief description of the fault, a receipt or invoice (date of purchase and dealer’s stamp) to the appropriate Service Centre.

Service: Our Customer Service Department will repair faults not covered by warranty or after the warranty period. Please send the product well packed to your nearest service station.