Building intelligence for parking

It works. Impressive results from the underground car park in Heuried/Zurich.

The idea behind
Parking garages and underground car parks that are almost climate-neutral and at the same time increase safety and comfort.

Parking garages and underground car parks are usually open around the clock. Good illumination on all surfaces is important for the personal feeling of safety of the users and for safe manoeuvring of the vehicles. However, if the light is permanently switched on here, valuable energy is wasted. Sensor-controlled lighting in combination with intelligent networking and light switching can help.

As a pilot project, the parking deck of the Heuried underground car park was equipped with 240 wirelessly networkable RS PRO Connect 5100 LEDs from STEINEL. By investing in a modern, energy-efficient lighting solution, car park operators have the chance of a high return on investment. At the same time, users enjoy greater convenience and safety, making their stay in the car park more pleasant.

The project

  • Client: City of Zurich
  • Location: Housing area Heuried, Zurich/CH
  • Construction status: in operation since 2019
  • Pilot project on a parking deck
  • Installed: 240 x RS PRO Connect 5100 LED
  • Services: Software, hardware and services



Illumination was improved, enhancing safety on the vehicle and foot traffic space.


Variable mounts on the underside make it possible to use existing drill holes.


Easy and convenient to adjust and operate via app, basic and main light level as well as grouping and reach.

92% less energy costs. Even we were amazed.

The energy efficiency of LED sensor lighting can be significantly increased by 'light intelligence'. The parking deck of the underground car park has been fitted with 240 wirelessly networkable RS PRO Connect 5100 LEDs from STEINEL with an output of 33 watts, with every second light being a slave version. The lights were divided into 4 lighting groups and intelligently controlled. The formation of lighting groups, switching to a basic light mode of 10% when absent after 1 minute and switching off completely after 15 minutes has resulted in a measurable energy saving of 92%.

The light accompanies the user on the way through the underground car park. Light is only switched on where it is actually needed. This means that no energy is wasted.


"We were sure that we would save a lot of energy by installing the latest generation of luminaires. What impressed us was that the networking and intelligent control of the luminaires increased the energy savings many times over."

Stefan Gasser, energy and efficiency consultant eLight GmbH, Zurich

Project details


RS PRO 5100 SC

Interconnected via Bluetooth, the sensor-switched RS PRO 5100 SC linear light is set easily and conveniently by app.


RS PRO 5100 C

On the parking deck, every other RS PRO 5100 C is a version without motion detector.  Connected to the master luminaire, both react as one overall luminaire. Investment costs can thus be reduced.


Full operation below 10%

Installing the RS PRO Connect 5100 LED has significantly improved illumination on the parking level. This makes it a far more pleasant place for users to be. At the same time, measurements in the real world has shown it has been possible to reduce electricity consumption to 1.1 kWh/m², taking it well below the current limit level of 2.2 kWh/m². Measurements also showed that lighting is only on at full output for 9% of the time and at dimmed output for 45.4% of the time. Lighting is in standby mode for 45.6% of the time.


Energy consumption for the entire underground car park can be reduced by a projected 94.3 MWh a year.


The new lighting solution has on average almost doubled the level of illumination from 120 to 220 lux.


The interconnected, intelligent lighting solution has been able to make a drastic energy saving.


Easy interconnection and operation via app

To illuminate an area as expansive as the parking level of an underground car park, it makes sense to create lighting groups. Doing this with the RS PRO Connect 5100 LED makes it unnecessary to lay any additional cables. Lights are easily interconnected via Bluetooth with the intuitive STEINEL app. For each of these lighting groups, it is necessary to define a group master in the app. All lights in a group then operate in the same way as the group master is configured. Other light functions, such as the neighbouring function, as well as lighting parameters such as twilight setting, basic light level, main light and time settings, can also be selected via app with effortless ease. Practical: all light functions and settings are conveniently selected at ground level via an app. No ladder is needed.

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