Simple, flexible, safe:

Control DALI luminaires optimally - with LiveLink. 

LiveLink - The intelligent light management system

With the LiveLink lighting management system, DALI-based sensors and luminaires can be quickly and easily integrated into a sensor-controlled lighting concept. Incident daylight can also be taken into account. Depending on the intensity, the light is dimmed or switched off completely.

Your advantages:
  • Simple and flexible control of all DALI luminaires
  • Intuitively operable app
  • Extensive range of sensors and accessories
  • Future-proof thanks to IoT/cloud connection

It's that simple

Structure of a LiveLink installation


The central control element of the LiveLink system is the control box. Sensors, pushbuttons (couplers) and luminaires are connected to it via the DALI bus. Installation and operation take place wirelessly via the app using a smartphone or tablet.

Three simple steps to the finished solution



Selected DALI 2 motion and presence detectors from the STEINEL 3000 and Control PRO series are available for installation. Here you'll find the right sensor for every requirement. Advantage: Large connection spaces ensure fast installation.



The sensors and luminaires integrated into the DALI network are configured using the LiveLink Install App. Select a suitable room configuration (Use Cases) from a number of preset ones or create your own configuration.



With the separate LiveLink Control App, the light can be quickly adapted to personal or situational requirements or selected from predefined configurations. Thanks to the separate apps, accidental changes to the basic configuration by the user are impossible.

Special features of the LiveLink app


Preconfigured scenes
To simplify the planning and installation of luminaires and sensors, LiveLink offers a range of preset room configurations. These "use cases" stand for optimal lighting configured in accordance with standards and provide security.


16 light groups
The luminaires are dragged and dropped via the graphical user interface into the light groups of the desired use case. With LiveLink, up to 16 light groups are now possible, which can be changed at any time via app.


Human Centric Light (HCL)
HCL is artificial light that adapts to the natural light rhythm with changing brightness and light colors. HCL promotes health, performance and concentration and is an integral part of the LiveLink lighting management system.


More pushbuttons
Using the pushbutton coupler, you can easily integrate the maximum possible quantity of pushbuttons via DALI bus. This makes you independent of the pushbutton interfaces of individual products and thus much more flexible. The pushbuttons can be used to call up TouchDIM functions (on/off, brighter/darker) and individual scenes.


Scene sequencer
With the scene sequencer, scenes can be called up automatically according to a schedule. For example, the "shop window scene" provides a dimmed light level from 21:00 to 24:00 and from 5:00 to 8:00. Since between 0:00 and 5:00 no public traffic prevails, energy is saved - the light remains off.

Product overview

DALI-2 sensors and accessories for LiveLink


Usable everywhere


Industry & Logistics


Schools & Education


Store & Retail


Office & Working Worlds


Health & Care


Home & Garden

LiveLink Partner

Sensor know-how meets lighting expertise



Within the LiveLink lighting management system, our DALI-2 sensors ensure maximum detection quality and reliable input. This allows the savings potential of efficient LED lighting to be significantly increased once again.



TRILUX is a leading manufacturer of energy-efficient luminaires. But even the most efficient LED luminaire wastes energy if no one is there. The solution: intelligent light management based on reliable sensor technology.

Flexible and future-proof

A system that goes along with everything.


Nothing is more constant than change.
Working and living environments are in constant motion. The individual needs of constantly changing users are moving more and more into focus. With it also the areas change. Where there are group workplaces today, quiet zones will be needed tomorrow. Where there are individual tables today, there will be groups of tables tomorrow. Large areas will be divided into flexible, individual zones. And, and, and. Good that there is already today smart light, which makes all future changes without further along.


The right light at the right time.
Just as natural light changes its intensity, color temperature, and direction over the course of the day, optimal artificial light must simulate these characteristics. Human Centric Light (HCL) creates environmental conditions that enhance human well-being and ultimately performance. People are more attentive, alert and focused.


IoT/Cloud connection
LiveLink creates digital added value. For example, with "monitoring-ready luminaires" from TRILUX. They enable monitoring of the energy consumption of each individual luminaire - and of the entire lighting installation.

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