The idea behind
Wöhrl underground parking garage, Nuremberg

The Wöhrl department store in Nuremberg welcomes numerous visitors from Monday to Saturday. The stores have been renovated so that they not only have a unique shopping experience, but also one that is as CO2-neutral as possible. As part of the renovation work, the associated underground car park was also converted. Instead of dim 24-hour lighting, the Connected Lighting System from STEINEL has now been installed and provides visitors in corridors, stairwells and the underground car park with optimum light, but only when it is needed. With Connected Lighting, all the luminaires are linked together via Bluetooth Mesh, allowing the different areas to dim up gradually so that no customer has to walk into a dark area. The new lighting system combines maximum energy efficiency with maximum convenience.

  • Client: TETRIS Grundbesitz AG
  • Location: Wöhrl department store, Nuremberg
  • Construction status: in operation since the early 70s
  • Converted to STEINEL Connected Lighting: 2022/2023
  • Installed: 725 x 5100 series, R series
  • Services provided: Hardware and services


„Vorteile bei der Umrüstung waren für uns die einfache Montage, die Durchverdrahtung in den Leuchten und dass die Verkabelung 1 zu 1 übernommen werden konnte. So mussten wir nicht groß uminstallieren.”

Herr Gossler
GOSSLER Elektrounternehmen GmbH

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Bluetooth Mesh - forward-looking technology

The new Bluetooth mesh technology opens up completely new networking possibilities. The Bluetooth technology we use complies with the specifications of the Bluetooth SIG standard and is therefore also future-proof.


Saving CO2 / year compared to a conventional T8 fluorescent tube


Permanent lighting was once - light only switches on when it is needed


Savings potential

With the RS PRO 5100 SC, an enormous amount of CO2 can be saved compared to a T5 lamp, which in turn leads to cost savings per luminaire of over 100€.

Especially in view of the ban on T5 lamps from September 2023, everyone should consider the topic of retrofitting. Connected Lighting is the solution not only to retrofit, but also to achieve the maximum savings potential.

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Vorteile für Planer

✓ Umfangreiches Sortiment
✓ Intelligente und modernste Technik
✓ Hohe Verfügbarkeiten


Vorteile für Elektriker

✓ Geringer Installationsaufwand
✓ Einfache Inbetriebnahme
✓ Kabellose Vernetzung


Vorteile für Investoren

✓ Einsparung von Kosten und Energie
✓ Return-on-Invest (ROI) nach 1-2 Jahren
✓ Förderungsfähig im Rahmen der Bundesförderung für Leuchten 

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