Swarm intelligence for apartment building

Steinacker residential complex, Zurich. Climate protection begins outside the apartment door.

The idea behind
A stairwell lighting with more comfort for the tenants as well as high energy savings

In many stairwells around the world, light is still switched by pushbutton. Accordingly, the light is often on even though it is not needed. In addition, old luminaires heat up the stairwell due to their long burning time. With the new R series, we have created a sensor-controlled lighting solution for stairwells and adjoining rooms. The basic light creates a great atmosphere as dusk falls. Already 80% of the maximum light output is sufficient to illuminate the floors as soon as people are present. The grouping of the luminaires and the definition of the secondary groups creates a continuous light pattern on the way through the stairwell.

  • Client: ASIG housing cooperative
  • Location: Zurich-Witikon, Switzerland
  • Construction status: Refurbishment 2019
  • 3 buildings with 5 floors each and a total of 48 residential units
  • Installed: 91x R20 warm white luminaires, 19 of them with emergency lighting module
  • Services: Planning and installation



The R-series with warm white light creates a great atmosphere and new possibilities of lighting design of basic and main light as well as an additional backlight.


The R series has different light modes. Basic and main light are fully dimmable from 1 - 100%. In the event of an emergency, the emergency light comes on and guarantees sufficient light. The Plus variants also have an integrated backlight for targeted staging.


With the optional emergency light module, the legal requirements for residential buildings can be met.


Commissioning with the free STEINEL App is extremely simple. What's more, configurations can be saved and or quickly adapted.


The staircases extend over 5 floors each. In addition, there are ancillary rooms in each building, such as a bike room.

Regular investments in residential facilities also concern lighting.

Since the topic of lighting has also become more and more important in the renovation or maintenance of residential complexes in recent years, our sales partner in Switzerland (nevalux) has established a great relationship with ASIG. The enormous savings possibilities of up to 90% of the energy costs as well as the higher comfort for the tenants due to the swarm intelligence inspire ASIG.

STL-11511-20_ZITAT_EDUARDO SILVA_1920x823px.jpg

"We made a conscious decision to go with the R series. The product convinced us of the quality and the possibilities we have from it."

Eduardo Silva, Head of Management ASIG Living and more

Project details

RS PRO Connect R20_heller.jpg

R 20 S WW

The R20 S with built-in high-frequency sensor, Bluetooth mesh and swarm intelligence provides more comfort for tenants and less work for the janitor. 


Savings potential with comfort gain

The individual light modes provide more comfort and can be individually adapted to requirements. The light that runs ahead (swarm intelligence) also ensures that dark areas no longer have to be entered, thereby creating a sense of security. 


Bluetooth Mesh - forward-looking technology

The new Bluetooth mesh technology opens up completely new networking possibilities. The Bluetooth we use complies with the specifications of the Bluetooth SIG standard and is therefore also future-proof. 


Floors distributed over 3 buildings, each connected internally by a staircase.


Lowering the temperature in the stairwells after the installation of the new lights.


Energy savings in the area of stairwell lighting.

STL-11511-20_ZITAT2-NEU_ANDRE HUESS_1440x810.jpg

Always works and is always clean.

By using high-quality LEDs, the janitor no longer has to check whether all the lights are working. The integrated sensor also means that maintenance of another component is no longer necessary. In addition, lampshades no longer need to be cleaned, as no insects can get into the lights. This enormous time saving means that the janitor can devote even more attention to the actual needs of the housing complex and its tenants.

André Hüss, 
Janitor - Witikon-Steinacker residential complex

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